Denver: Updates To Licensing Applications And Processes

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The below bulletin was featured in the Marijuana Moment newsletter:

Dear Denver Marijuana Industry Members,

Denver Excise and Licenses has been working with the Marijuana Enforcement Division to ensure that our licensing programs are in sync. Today, we launched a series of new application forms that will help promote more streamlined licensing. As of Monday, Feb. 12th, we will require all marijuana business licensing applications to be submitted on the new forms.

Multi-License Applications
Businesses at a single address will now be able to use one application form to apply for changes on multiple licenses simultaneously. For example, if an entity holds four licenses at the same address that expire at the same time, only one renewal application and one set of supporting documentation will be required.

Floor Plan Requirements
Like the MED, Denver will now request that businesses denote their limited and restricted access areas on their floor plans.. This change will help clarify where camera coverage and signage are needed (please see MED Rules M/R 301, 304.1, and 306 for more details).

To obtain this information, businesses will be asked to update their floor plan by submitting a Request to Amend Floor Plan Application within 90 days of their annual Excise and Licenses compliance inspection. However, businesses may also submit an application proactively.

Note – if it is found that a business has altered their facility in a way that Denver considers to be material and substantial, they will be asked to submit a Modification of Premises application instead.

Transfers of Ownership and Corporate Structure Changes
Denver is syncing its transfer of ownership and corporate structure change processes to be more in line with the MED’s processes.
A Transfer of Ownership Application should be submitted when:

  • A business is being sold
  • A business is adding a new owner(s)

A Corporate Structure Change Application should be submitted when:

  • A business is removing existing owners
  • A business is updating its corporate structure
  • A business is changing its legal entity name
  • A business is updating its trade name

Source: City and County of Denver

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