DEA Spends $73,000 In Utah To Eradicate Zero Marijuana Plants

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Tax dollars are not unlimited. Every tax dollar should go towards things that are needed, and no dollar should be wasted. If you are reading this, I’m sure that you agree. We all may disagree on what ‘waste’ means in many instances, but I think that it’s safe to say that we all agree that spending enormous sums of money to eradicate marijuana plants is a waste of money, especially when money is spent and no marijuana is found.

Spending money, any money, to eradicate marijuana plants is a waste of tax payer dollars. Statistics recently surfaced which showed that the DEA spent $73,000 in Utah in 2015 to eradicate marijuana plants and found zero plants. None. On one hand, I’m glad that no marijuana plants were needlessly torn out of the ground, but on the other hand I’m furious to see such a huge sum of money completely wasted. Even if the money had turned up record breaking amounts of plants, the entire $73,000 would still be a waste.

A teacher with a master’s degree and 20 years of experience averages a yearly salary of $54,000 in Utah. An entry level teacher gets paid considerably less than that. And the DEA is spending $73,000 on a marijuana eradication program in Utah which turned up zero plants in 2015. If I was a Utah resident, I’d be screaming from the roof of my house after learning this information.

Even in legal states, such as Washington, huge sums of taxpayer dollars are being spent on marijuana eradication programs. Per the Washington Post:

California, where medical marijuana is legal, receives the lion’s share of marijuana eradication funds, in part because the “Emerald Triangle” region of Northern California. The area has long been home to many of the state’s legal and quasi-legal marijuana production operations, but law enforcement authorities have maintained that it also has been a haven for the grow operations of Mexican drug cartels.

Kentucky also receives a large amount of money to eradicate marijuana. The state has a surprisingly rich culture of marijuana cultivation.

Rounding out the top 5 marijuana eradication states are Tennessee, Georgia and, perhaps unexpectedly, Washington. The aptly nicknamed Evergreen State legalized the recreational use of marijuana in 2012, and pot shops opened for business in 2014. So it may seem odd that the DEA is spending $760,000 this year to eradicate pot plants in the state.

The DEA marijuana eradication program needs to be de-funded, as well as the entire DEA, and that money spent on much better things. As long as kids go hungry, and schools go underfunded, not one dollars should be spent on marijuana eradication programs. The DEA once warned of a ‘stoned rabbit epidemic‘ if Utah were to legalize medical marijuana. That was in early 2015. The DEA went on to eradicate zero marijuana plants during that year, and as far as I know, no stoner rabbit epidemic materialized. Let that settle in. Desperate to guard your budget-much?

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