Croptober Question: How Much Marijuana Can You Possess In Oregon?

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With Fall officially just days away some people are saying that pumpkin spice is the reason for the season. Those people are wrong. Obviously, the reason for the season is Croptober! For those that are not in the know, Croptober is a nickname for outdoor cannabis harvest time which primarily occurs in October. Most of the adults over the age of 21 where I live, in Oregon, grew cannabis plants this summer and some are starting to chop them down.

Harvesting in September in Oregon is not as common as harvesting in October, but it does occur if the strain is an early finisher and/or if light deprivation methods are incorporated into someone’s gardening strategy. I have seen several people on social media who have chopped down their plants and have had a few friends starting their harvests, and some have asked me the question ‘how much cannabis can you possess in Oregon?’

It’s a logical question given how well cannabis grows in many parts of Oregon. With not too much effort (but a lot of love!) someone in Oregon can grow a cannabis plant in their yard that gets enormous in size. 7+ feet in some cases. A plant of that size will yield a lot of cannabis. Because of that, it’s vital to know what the possession limit is so that the grower doesn’t run afoul of the cannabis possession limits in Oregon.

For flower specifically, each residence with an adult occupant 21 years old or older can possess up to 8 ounces. Adults away from their home can possess up to 1 ounce of flower. That, of course, can cause issues given the fact that each residence with an adult occupant 21 years old or older can cultivate up to 4 plants. What can people do with the overage should they have some? Give it to me! OK, I am (mostly) joking.

Oregon law allows for the gifting of cannabis to other legal consumers, which is what people should do should their harvests prove to be too robust. Also, staggering the harvesting of each plant can help reduce overage issues. If your green thumb is on point and you end up having too much, I strongly urge you to find medical cannabis patients that are in need. There are a lot of them out there and they need someone with compassion to help them out. Step up if you can!

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