Copenhagen Makes Fourth Attempt To Legalize Marijuana

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Marijuana legalization is a mainstream issue now in America. Eight states and Washington D.C. have voted to legalize marijuana, and many more states are likely in the next handful of years. But momentum for legalization is not just an American thing. Countries around the world are exploring ways to end marijuana prohibition and take a sensible approach towards marijuana policy.

One of those places is in Denmark where the City of Copenhagen is trying again to make a push for legalization. Per Independent:

Copenhagen officials are trying to legalise cannabis - despite the Danish government rejecting a proposed trial three times previously.

The city government, led by Mayor Frank Jensen, has made its fourth formal request that the capital is allowed to carry out a trial legalisation programme where sales are exclusively handled by public authorities.

The coalition of the left-wing Red-Green Alliance and the libertarian-leaning Liberal Alliance (LA) said the trial is necessary to prevent the increasing number of shootings in the city which they believe are linked to rival gangs attempting to control the local market.

Prohibiting marijuana doesn’t eliminate the use of marijuana. All it does is push that use into the shadows, and provides an opportunity for gangs and cartels to line their pockets, and use funds from illegal marijuana sales to carry out horrific acts. If Copenhagen allows legal marijuana sales and consumption, the city could become the cannabis capital of Europe.

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