Congressman Is Upset That Legal Cannabis Will Not Be Grown In His District

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For many years a politician supporting cannabis reform was considered to be committing political suicide. That, of course, has changed in recent years with the surge in support for cannabis reform and the explosive growth of the cannabis industry. These days the cannabis community is well respected by many elected officials and is considered by both supporters and opponents to be a legitimate political force.

Earlier today I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and read an article that was tweeted by Tom Angell. It described how Pennsylvania Democratic congressman Bob Brady is frustrated over the fact that his district was passed up for a medical cannabis business license. Per

Bob Brady is peeved about weed.

Philadelphia was shut out in June when 12 permits were awarded to cultivate cannabis in Pennsylvania. Now, the Democratic congressman, arguably the region’s most powerful politician, is demanding to know why medical marijuana won’t be grown on his home turf.

If that is not a sign of the times, I don’t know what is. The cannabis world has come a long ways from the days when politicians wouldn’t dare be associated with cannabis in any way. Now politicians are so on board that they are demanding answers as to why cannabis will not be grown in their district. According to the article, Congressman Brady wants to specifically know why a site ‘controlled by a group of investors represented by Brady’s longtime spokesman and aide’ was passed up for a site in Lancaster County.

That may raise some eyebrows, but it doesn’t diminish significance from a cannabis support point of view. Congressman Brady did provide some valid points as to why the location should have been selected for a license, all of which are worthwhile and have nothing to do with his association to the site’s investor’s representation. “It’s a $15 million to $20 million investment with jobs, 40 to 50 jobs, in a blighted area, a minority area, where it’s desperately needed,” Brady said according to the previously cited article.

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