Colorado’s First Drive-Thru Marijuana Store Expected To Open Next Month

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There are a ton of different marijuana business ideas out there these days. Just when I think I’ve seen it all, out comes either a new twist on an established idea, or a completely new idea. Legal marijuana sales for adult use have been occurring in Colorado since January 2014. In just about every measurable way the industry is a tremendous success. Last year alone Colorado marijuana outlets sold over 1.3 billion dollars worth of marijuana, with nearly 200 million dollars being raised in tax revenue from the sales.

A new type of business model is about to debut in Colorado next month. The town of Parachute, Colorado is going to debut what is being reported as the first ever drive-thru marijuana store in Colorado. Per the Post Independent Citizen Telegram:

In just a few months, Parachute will be home to Colorado’s first drive-through marijuana shop. Tumbleweed, owned by Green Cross Colorado LLC, has won approval for drive-up sales out of a former carwash, across the street from Tumbleweed’s primary location.

I have heard this idea pop up before, but I always envisioned a drive-up coffee or fast food type of a model. What makes this different from that is that it sounds like cars will drive through the old car wash, which keeps the transaction out of public view. All of the identification and product purchase decision making will all be done within the old car wash building, so it meets all of the requirements that are required in order for the outlet to be compliant.

The previously linked to story really is a great read if you get a chance to check it out. The town of Parachute was originally opposed to marijuana sales within city limits, but now roughly 30% of their city’s taxes come from marijuana sales. The marijuana industry is literally helping revitalize the town, which is a fantastic thing. Smaller towns and rural areas that have been hit by economic downturns can benefit greatly from the marijuana industry, as proven by the case of Parachute, Colorado. I can’t wait to check this place out next time I’m in Colorado.

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