Chronicast Raided By The WSLCB [Update]

Chronicast Olympia

Why were streets shut down to raid the Chronicast podcast after 380 episodes? Recently the Chronicast and many other cannabis podcasts have joined the High Times family, below is the announcement video.

For the past two years, the Chronicast has been going on behind Danks Wonder Emporium in Olympia, Wa. This recent disruption to people’s lives, people just trying to conduct regular business and be good citizens, reinforces and exhibits the inefficiencies and inconsistencies from WSLCB officer to officer. If you watch the aftermath of the raid video, you will see the owner and proprietor Random V. show a door that was boarded up as per the Cannabis and Liquor enforcement officer.

[Update: It appears the Chronicast took down their last video showing all the equipment stolen and the sealed door as per the WSLCB enforcement officer. I imagine its been taken down to cover their ass legally but I’m leaving this article up in its original form.]

According to the latest video, the raid was in response to a complaint to the WSLCB. The raid conducted on the day Canada has legalized cannabis seems like an unexpected slap to the face to all those involved in the cannabis industry in Washington, I502 or not. You raided a podcast where people smoked cannabis officers, you didn’t stop any real crime. Why can’t the WSLCB worry about real issues like Azamax being used in grows or proper testing requirements? The officers in the raid found it in their infinite wisdom to steal all the camera equipment from the Chronicast, who did they save?

WSLCB Inconsistencies

Besides this example of misguided justice let me point out another what the fucked up issues with the WSLCB. Recently I attended The Kush Marketplace for I502 vendors to meet, this is where I spoke to the makers of Vertus, a champagne bottle shaped infused drink. Besides this awesome product that has no alcohol and gives the same fizzy taste like champagne, they have been working on an infused type beer product known as Reeb. Again, no alcohol but the WSLCB has issues with this product in a 21 and over market because it looks like beer. The WSLCB needs to stop treating cannanis as a toxic product. Will someone please inform all the members of the board that cannabis is non-toxic and has never killed anyone.

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