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Podcasts are getting more and more popular each year that goes by. According to Edison Research podcast listening grew by 23% from 2015 to 2016. 21% of Americans 12 years old or older have listened to at least one podcast episode in the last month. That puts podcasting into the same neighborhood of consumer consumption as Twitter, which also has a 21% use in the last month in the same age group.

The first podcast that I ever subscribed to was Washington Week on PBS. That was in 2007 when I first started studying at a university while pursuing my bachelor’s degree. Since then I have listened to so many podcasts that I have lost track. Not all podcasts are created equal. That goes for both the production value side as well as the content side. A lot of podcasts are very dry, the recordings are sub par, and the people don’t always seem to be true experts on their subjects.

One of my favorite podcasts is the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) podcast on Cannabis Radio. A lot of cannabis podcasts talk about entertainment and culture, which is fine, but I like a podcast that educates me as well as entertains me. The NCIA podcast always touches on important industry stuff that cannabis entrepreneurs need to know about. For instance NCIA has had podcasts featuring cannabis policy expert John Hudak from the Brookings Institution. John is one of the brightest, smartest people in the cannabis world today, and his insight is something that everyone in the cannabis world should be seeking out right now.

My friend Bethany Moore is a regular host of the podcast, and she has been fighting for reform for a long time, knows a lot about all things cannabis, and is a really entertaining person. There is a ton going on right now at the federal level, as well as at the state level in the cannabis world. The NCIA podcast features entrepreneurs that are on the front lines as well as industry leaders and experts that have a lot of applicable advice. It’s really a great way to keep up to speed on cannabis business and policy information. Podcasts are easy to listen to on just about any device. If you are serious about the cannabis industry, or if you are just a ravenous cannabis info nerd, check out the NCIA podcast. You will be glad that you did.

Johnny Green
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