CBD-Dominant Extracts Safe And Effective In Treating Pediatric Movement Disorders Per Study

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The daily administration of high CBD, low THC extracts is safe and effective in treating symptoms related to pediatric movement disorders, according to clinical trial data published in the Journal of Child Neurology.

Israeli researchers assessed the adjunctive use of CBD extracts in 20 patients with moderate to severe complex motor disorders over a period of five months. CBD treatment was associated with “reducing the severity of dystonia and spasticity, and improving motor function ability and quality of life.” Participants also demonstrated mood and appetite improvement.

“Our findings demonstrate that medical cannabis can be administered over at least a 5-month period without severe side effects or aggravating existing symptoms,” authors concluded. “Our pilot study indicates that cannabidiol-enriched 5% oil formulation of cannabis with ratios of cannabidiol to THC of 6:1 and 20:1 is effective in children with complex motor disorder.”

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