Cayman Islands Seizes Marijuana Leaf Apparel


While The Bahamas continues to be stubborn on marijuana decriminalization or the acceptance of medical marijuana, the Cayman Islands has gone so far as to seize ganja related apparel, including items that have a simple cannabis leaf.

Its a crazy idea which makes little sense because wearing a ganja leaf on a shirt is not an arrestable offense in the small island nation. It makes you wonder why they bothered, and what law they used to seize the products. The reported:

In total, 420 items depicting a cannabis leaf have been seized in the past 30 months. That’s almost one every two days.

Although a cannabis leaf is not offensive nor obscene, it falls under the prohibited goods customs law. Other items on the list include weapons, the deadly herbicide Paraquat and rice and sugar from certain counties.

The law states: “The import of all goods depicting or bearing, whether expressly or by implication, any reference to ganja or the ganja plant is prohibited, except where the goods depict or bear reference to any cannabis extract or tincture of cannabis.”

I found the 420 items amusing, to say the least. The Cayman Reporter got the information through a Freedom of Information request through the proper government channels, which showed the list of property. A customs officer confirm that all the products had been destroyed.

Funny thing is, even the Cayman Reporter is banned from having a cannabis leaf image in their newspaper because it is printed off island and flown in. The newspaper was told by Collector of Customs Charles Clifford when they inquired, “It will be seen that there is no exception for newspapers therefore it would be inadvisable to attempt to import newspapers that depict ganja or the ganja plant.”

So, instead of a ganja leaf on the paper, they put a nice image of Bob Marley instead!

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