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Marijuana Legalization

City Of Portsmouth, Virginia To Dismiss All Marijuana Possession Cases

Officials for the city of Portsmouth (population 95,000) will no longer seek to criminally prosecute low-level marijuana possession offenses. “Effective immediately, please be advised that this office hereby moves for dismissal … on all possession of marijuana charges in the Portsmouth General District Court,” Commonwealth’s Attorney Stephanie N. Morales stated in an [read more]

Cannabis Activism

DPA Executive Director Issues Statement To Mexican Senate On Cannabis Legalization

On Monday, the Mexican Senate’s Health Commission hosted a forum featuring policy experts and government officials. DPA’s executive director, Maria McFarland Sánchez-Moreno, issued a statement to the Mexican Senate.  McFarland was scheduled to present at the forum, but was unable to do so following a flight diversion.  Her statement details the overall success [read more]