Marijuana Legalization

Medical Marijuana Helped Conor Lamb Win in Pennsylvania

All across the political sphere, eyes were on the March 13th special election to determine who would replace disgraced Congressman Tim Murphy and represent Pennsylvania’s 18th district, the Democratic candidate Conor Lamb or Republican state legislator Rick Saccone. Voters in this district favored Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016 by […]

Marijuana Legalization

America: This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Americans talk about rights and amendments but have only read the Bible, not their Constitution or The Bill of Rights. Americans love and support their judicial and legal system but truly don’t understand how fucked the process is by special interests and just plain greed (by politicians and the payee). […]

Let's Hash It Out Podcast
Cannabis Activism

Check Out the Let’s Hash It Out Podcast on Weed News!

I have a group of friends that loves to chat politics and debate various cultural topics. We decided to record a podcast that captured our conversations, so the Let’s Hash It Out podcast was born. Each podcast begins with my co-hosts trying some amazing Oregon cannabis, describing the effects, taste […]

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Marijuana Business

Grasshopper Hub: Where Supply and Demand Meet

I get hit up a lot with “Do you know someone who?”. Do you know someone who is looking to buy flower for concentrates? Do you know any processors or stores looking to buy quality flower? My short answer is kinda sorta. I know lots of people who meet these […]

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Marijuana Business

Is A Big Business Cannabis Industry Takeover Inevitable?

It’s no secret that the cannabis industry is being flooded with venture capitalists and big business interests. It was going on in a limited capacity leading up to the historic 2012 election and has picked up exponentially since then. With every successful reform vote, and the creation of new business […]

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Give Danks

I am thankful for never have gone to jail for a plant, I’ve been detained and inconvenienced several times but never put behind bars. I am thankful that reefer madness and the drug war lose are losing every day, faster than some would have thought but not fast enough for […]