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Medical Marijuana

Pennsylvania Health Officials Expand Medical Cannabis Access Program

Health officials have expanded the pool of patients eligible to receive medical cannabis access. The State Health Department Secretary publicly announced on Thursday that patients diagnosed with anxiety disorders and/or Tourette syndrome will be eligible to receive recommendations to legally access medical cannabis products. The new rules take effect on July 20. [read more]

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Medical Marijuana

UM School Of Pharmacy Launches Nation’s First Master’s In Medical Cannabis Science And Therapeutics

The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy has launched a new Master of Science (MS) in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to support patients and the medical cannabis industry, add to existing research in the field, and develop well-informed medical cannabis policy. Based at [read more]

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Medical Marijuana

Oregon Governor Signs Law Prohibiting Landlords From Discriminating Against Medical Marijuana Patients

Democratic Gov. Kate Brown has signed legislation, Senate Bill 970, prohibiting landlords from taking discriminatory action against those who either use medical cannabis or possess cannabis-related convictions. The measure states that a landlord may not take into consideration an applicant’s “status as a medical marijuana patient” or whether they have a “conviction based [read more]

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Medical Marijuana

Arizona Governor Signs Law Mandating Quality Control Testing For Medical Cannabis Products

Republican Gov. Doug Ducey has signed legislation into law amending the state’s medical cannabis access program. Senate Bill 1494 requires that all medical marijuana products sold in licensed dispensaries be independently lab tested by November 1, 2020. Testing labs must be accredited and must have no financial relationship with any dispensaries. The [read more]

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Medical Marijuana

Connecticut: Board Of Physicians Authorizes Expanded Use Of Medical Cannabis

State regulators have moved to expand the pool of patients eligible to receive cannabis therapy. Earlier this month, members of the state’s Board of Physicians voted to allow doctors to recommend medical cannabis to patients diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, MALS syndrome (medial arcuate ligament syndrome), vulvodynia (burning irritation), interstitial cystitis, and neuropathic [read more]