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Most Health Professionals Supportive Of The Use Of Medical Cannabis In Clinical Practice Per Study

The majority of health professionals — including doctors, nurses, and pharmacists — express support the use of medical cannabis in clinical practice, according to a systematic review of the relevant literature published in the journal PLOS One. An international team of investigators reviewed over 100 studies assessing health professionals’ opinions with regard to [read more]

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Marijuana Studies

Synthetic Cannabis Use Associated With Greater Risk Of Mental Health Issues Per Study

Adults who frequently consume illicitly-produced synthetic cannabinoid agonists (e.g., JWH-018) are significantly more likely to report experiencing mental health issues than are similarly matched controls who only use cannabis, according to data published in the journal Psychopharmacology. A team of European researchers surveyed consumers of both natural cannabis and illicitly produced synthetic cannabinoid analogues. [read more]

Marijuana Studies

Study: Marijuana Use Not Independently Associated With Psychosis In Young People

Adolescents’ cannabis use history is not an independent predictor of an elevated risk of psychosis, according to data published in the journal Adicciones. Investigators affiliated with the University of La Rioja in Spain explored the relationship between psychotic-like experiences and cannabis use in a representative sample of over 1,500 Spanish adolescents. They [read more]

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Marijuana Studies

MS Patients Reduce Use Of Opioids, Benzodiazepines Following Initiation Of Cannabis Therapy

The use of cannabis is associated with symptom mitigation and the reduced consumption of prescription drugs in patients with multiple sclerosis, according to data published in the journal Neurology. A team of investigators from the DENT Neurologic Institute in New York performed a retrospective chart review of 77 MS patients undergoing treatment with [read more]

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Marijuana Studies

Cannabis Legalization Associated With Increased Home Values According To Report

The passage of statewide adult use marijuana laws is associated with an immediate uptick in housing prices, according to an assessment published by the online service Clever Real Estate. The study determined: “States that legalize recreational cannabis see an immediate bump in home values following legalization, even without retail dispensaries opening up. [read more]

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Marijuana Studies

Study: Cannabis Use Associated With Fewer Disease-Related Complications In Crohn’s Disease Patients

Crohn’s disease patients seeking hospitalization who use marijuana possess fewer disease-related complications as compared to matched controls, according to data published in the journal Digestive Diseases and Sciences. A team of investigators from the John H. Stroger Hospital in Chicago, the SUNY Downstate Medical Centre in New York City, and the Digestive Disease [read more]

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Marijuana Studies

Minnesota: Cancer Patients Enrolled In State’s Medical Cannabis Program Report Symptom Mitigation

Cancer patients enrolled in Minnesota’s medical cannabis access program report a significant reduction in disease symptoms following the use of marijuana, according to data published in the Journal of Oncology Practice. Investigators with the Minnesota Department of Health assessed patients’ self-reported symptom severity scores at baseline and again following four months of cannabis treatment. Authors [read more]

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Marijuana Studies

Oral THC Administration Mitigates Night Sweats According To Study

The administration of oral THC (dronabinol) either mitigates or resolves paraneoplastic night sweats, according to a case series published in the Journal of Palliative Medicine. Investigators from UCLA, Stanford University, and San Francisco State University assessed the use of dronabinol in five cancer patients who also suffered from persistent night sweats. Two subjects [read more]