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Global Drug War

Trump Is Promoting Savage Human Rights Abuses In Countries’ Drug Wars

By David Borden First, if you haven’t already taken action to help us save marijuana legalization from the Trump administration, in the wake of Jeff Sessions revoking a federal policy that protected both legalization and medical marijuana, please read my post and action alert from Monday, and then write and call Congress. […]

War on Drugs
Global Drug War

Ten Global Drug Policy Highlights (And Lowlights) Of 2017

By Phillip Smith 1. In the Philippines, Duterte’s Bloody Drug War Rages On Undeterred by international criticism, Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte continued his murderous war on small-time drug users and sellers throughout 2017, with Human Rights Watch estimating that some 12,000 people — almost all poor — have been killed since Duterte […]

Global Drug War

Mexico To Allow Marijuana-Based Product Imports Next Year

Huge news was reported yesterday out of Mexico, with Mexico’s health regulator announcing that the country will start allowing ‘marijuana-based products’ to be imported from other countries and sold in Mexico starting some time next year. Mexico legalized medical marijuana earlier this year, but still strictly prohibits cannabis for adult-use. […]

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Global Drug War

Today Is Human Rights Day

By David Borden This Sunday, December 10, is the UN Human Rights Day, with the week being marked by observances and events around the world. UN agencies have made significant progress in recognizing the impact of drug policies and human rights, and our own efforts for the 2016 “UN General Assembly Special Session […]

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Global Drug War

Nova Scotia Announces First Decisions On Cannabis Legalization

Following consultation with Nova Scotians, health experts, law enforcement officials, municipalities, and other stakeholder groups, the province announced key decisions about the legalization of cannabis today, Dec. 7. These decisions follow the federal government’s decision to legalize recreational cannabis by July 2018. The key policy decisions on cannabis are: — […]

War on Drugs
Global Drug War

The Biggest International Drug Policy Stories Of The Past 20 Years

By Phillip Smith With a thousand issues of Drug War Chronicle under our belts, we look back on the biggest international drug and drug policy stories of the past 20 years. (A companion piece looks at the biggest US domestic drug policy stories.) Here’s what we find: 1. Global Prohibitionist Consensus Starts to […]

Global Drug War

The Biggest Domestic Drug Policy Stories Of The Past 20 Years

By Phillip Smith As Drug War Chronicle marks the publication of its 1,000th issue (with yours truly having authored 863 of them going back to 2000), we reflect on what has changed and what hasn’t in the past couple of decades. This piece recounts our domestic drug policy evolution in the US; […]

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Cannabis Activism

Free Clay Pierce

We help spread the message of those being wrong and need to get their voice out. Prohibition wins when good people get lost in a system, its bad enough our American judicial system is a shit show but can you imagine being locked up in a foreign country for cannabis? The […]

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Global Drug War

Why Is Lance Gloor Behind Bars?

In 2011 a string of raids occurred in Washington State and Montana, let’s call this Operation Asshole since we may never know the truly coordinated effort here. What we do know is that the raids in Montana slowed down the state’s legalization progress and killed Richard Flor while the raids […]