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Growing Marijuana

Denver NORML To Host A Grow Safety Symposium

Growing marijuana can be one of the most rewarding things that you do, even if you don’t like traditional gardening. I always tell people that there is no other plant I have ever seen that provides as much instant gratification as the marijuana plant. I have a medical/adult-use garden at […]

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Growing Marijuana

Arkansas Latest Marijuana State To Deny Small Business Opportunity

The state of Arkansas has become the latest medical marijuana state to exclude small business opportunities by setting outrageous fees and capital requirements for a tiny few marijuana licenses. The Medical Marijuana Commission decided on a $100,000 license fee for Arkansas growers of medical marijuana. The fee is on top […]

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Growing Marijuana

Which States Allow Adults To Legally Grow Marijuana?

This last Thanksgiving I went on a family road trip to visit relatives in Southern California. Relatives also traveled to Southern California from Nevada. It was a fun time on many levels, including from a marijuana perspective. My relatives from both California and Nevada were very excited about their recent […]

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Growing Marijuana

Leaf Death And Marijuana Plants

What Is Leaf Death? Leaf death on your marijuana plants can come as a surprise, but you will know it’s coming. If you see discoloration (yellow, brown, gray, sometimes even red), and edges curling, the leaves falling off may soon follow. The key is to diagnose the problem as quickly […]