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Who Grows The Best Cannabis In Oregon?

Oregon is home to the best cannabis growers on the planet. I realize exactly how bold that statement is, and I stand by it. I have been fortunate enough to travel to a number of cannabis events over the years and have consumed as much cannabis as I could get […]

Growing Marijuana

Mexico’s Minister For Tourism: Legalize Marijuana At Resorts

Marijuana reform is sweeping the globe with more and more countries either enacting marijuana reforms or seriously considering doing so. Ever since Uruguay legalized marijuana for adult use other countries have been exploring ways that they can follow suit. One of those countries is Canada, which is expected to legalize […]

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53% Growth Rate In Marijuana Cultivation Product Supply Sales

New Frontier Data, the global cannabis industry authority in business intelligence and data analysis reporting, in partnership with GrowGeneration Corp. (OTCQX: GRWG), the largest publicly traded cannabis specialty retail hydroponic and organic gardening stores, has just published Cannabis Cultivation Insights: Retail Supplies Market, the first-ever study dedicated to the growing cannabis […]

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Oaksterdam University Launches Online Courses

Oaksterdam University, the first and most established cannabis college in the United States, leverages online opportunities to simplify getting a cannabis education. In addition to launching a new Online Indoor Horticulture Program, OU now offers the Friends and Family OU Tuition Grant, which works like a gift card for tuition.  With the launch of the […]

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Growing Marijuana

Watch Your Marijuana Buds Grow Bigger And Bigger

Yes, that is indeed a possibility. Your marijuana buds can grow to the most amazing sizes if you pay attention to a certain few things. Obviously, you will have to take steps right from the start and ensure a few essentials are in place. That being done, your buds will […]

Growing Marijuana

Pruning: The Different Methodologies

How can you improve the yields of your marijuana plant? Prune your plant strategically; the key to bigger and healthier buds. Though essentially, pruning means cutting off parts of your plant, but it is not all this simple. You have to chop of your plant in a certain way to […]

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How the Profit Motive is Killing Marijuana Home Grow Rights

I happened upon this story on my local FOX channel here in Portland about recreational marijuana sellers complaining about losing customers to the “black market.” A local shop owner says there’s “tens of millions [of dollars]” of marijuana sales happening in the unregulated market that are hurting the bottom line […]

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Oregon State Fair Welcomes Cannabis Growers for Second Year

Once again the Oregon Cannabis Growers and Consumers Fair (OCGCF) is coming to the Oregon State Fairgrounds. This second annual event was the very first of its kind last year when it debuted and made international news due to the participation of the Oregon State Fair and the uniqueness of […]

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Azatrol Pesticide Products Recalled by Oregon Dept. of Ag

Oregon retailers have been directed by Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) to remove the popular insecticides Azatrol Hydro Botanical Insecticide, and Azatrol EC Insecticide from their shelves and stop selling it. Similar to other Stop Sale orders issued by the department, the product was found to have ingredients that were […]