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The Event

Every year marijuana edges closer to being known as a national crop commodity instead of a regional experiment and its things like a cannabis career fair that help bring this into focus. I recently attended the ‘Juana Career’ Fair hosted by Viridian Staffing in Bellevue, Washington out of curiosity and hopes of maybe finding something for my daughter but instead I walked away with contacts in the industry and plans on filming a grow for my next article.

The ‘Juana Career’ Fair put both industry employers in the same room with people trying to break in, either by joining an employer or starting their own thing. I am always impressed and amazed by the diversity of people that cannabis pulls in and the ‘Juana Career’ Fair was no exception; from young to old and all colors of the rainbow were job seekers and entrepreneurs.

Education and Inspiration

Besides the social networking aspect of the fair, there was a presentation and forum hosted by keynote speaker Shango Los from the Shaping Fire podcast. Shango Los proved to be quite the master of ceremonies with his inspirational take on professionalism and ways to find employment in what was once an outlaw industry.

After his speech there was a forum with active members of the industry, speaker Tyler Markwart, Jedidiah Haney of Evergreen Industries SPC, Jeremy Kaufman of The CPC, and Brett of Dama products. Each one gave a perspective of what it takes to get your foot in the door with insights from how to structure your resume to how to conduct yourselves during the job interview, all agree that “Smoke weed everyday” is not a proper reply when it comes to why they should hire you but instead emphasize on your job skill and if you don’t have one that’s okay because these employers are looking to train you with their techniques and if you come in as a blank slate that means you’re not coming in with bad habits.

Another thing these employers are looking for is passion. Are you aware of the people sitting in prison for something you can now call “going to work”. Are you aware of the endocannabinoid system and patent 6630507, there are many truths and facts related to marijuana and employers are looking for you to have somewhat of a knowledge base already pertaining to cannabis, things that are pertinent to the industry and it’s future.

Along with passion and professionalism its pointed out that many non-agriculture occupations cross over into the cannabis industry. Cannabis employers are not just looking for people who grow weed in their closet but also people with real world experiences and licenses as in the case of the owner of Herban Legends who was seeking a CPA. He pointed out that, in his case, its more cost effective to hire one full-time position than to utilize an outside firm.

The ‘Juana Career’ Fair offered both networking and education to the job seeker in the cannabis industry. Events like this give people personal interactions with thriving members of the industry, as well as emerging trends.

When I went to the ‘Juana Career’ Fair, I walked in looking for opportunities for someone else but what I walked a away with were personal opportunities and a contact high from the euphoria of my fellow attendees hopes and dreams.

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