Cannabis Veteran’s Day: Ending Prohibition Is The Other Fight for Freedom

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It’s nice when people say Thank You for your service, but after ten years of Naval service, it was just a job. While serving, you’re taught to fight for freedom, but you have none, I saw many times people being separated or singled out for things that would have never flew in civilian land especially in the anti-bullying, #metoo age. The military was 13th grade, a place where you learn a job and how to get along with others to protect the loved ones at home.

I am proud of my service but don’t think it deserves a thank you, but I’ll take a beer. The service I am proud of doing is my marijuana activism, something I know affects Americans directly and my children with that whole possibility of jail lingering.

In the service, you want to believe your ending constant threats but I was stationed on a carrier as an Aviation Electronics Technician, my job was to make sure planes could bomb, and they did. Before, during, and after Operation Southern Watch. When was the last war we fought there was a threat of world domination? When was the last war where American freedoms are actually at stake? I’d say the present one that’s been going on since Nixon.

The war on drugs has been the most detrimental one we fought because it’s a war amongst ourselves, just like the hunt for communist during the McCarthy era. Before Nancy Reagan, High Times was sold behind the counter like Playboys on bases; drugs were as taboo as sex, it’s understood that people do it, but no need to be in the kids face.

Yesterday was Veterans Day, and today I write this on my way to work as my kids have the day off, when you’re adult days of the week don’t give a fuck. I write this to say thank you for your service past and present freedom fighters. New heroes are popping up daily as we take over this nation with common sense State by State and it’s to them we all should say thank you for your service.

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