Cannabis Takes Over Cinco De Mayo

Seattle Cannabis March

Instead of appropriating Mexican culture in the name of tequila shots and bad decisions, why not take a stand and burn one down in the name of social reform and justice. On Cinco De Mayo the yearly Cannabis March also known as the Marijuana March will be taking place.

You can still drink that night and pretend that you care about the day of Mexico’s liberation but why not start your day off on a lighter note.

There is irony to the marches this year as they are on Cinco De Mayo. One of the primary tools used to propagate reefer madness was the use of the Mexican word marijuana in the early 1900’s. Racial hatred and cultural ignorance was used to help facilitate the anti-marijuana issue.

Each march will have speakers and entertainment; I look forward to Seattle’s March will be in Seattle’s downtown at the Westlake Center. Besides Seattle, there will be marches held across the nation as well as the world. For a complete list go to the official Global Wiki as people around the globe gather in the name of common sense and decency.

On May 5th take a stand and light up with so many around America and the world for freedom and liberty. We stand to legalize, no more legal lies.

Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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