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A couple of weekends ago I went with the family to Lincoln City, which is one of my favorite Oregon towns. It’s one of Oregon’s ‘biggest’ tourist areas, if there is such a thing in a state as sparsely populated as Oregon. While I was there I checked out a dispensary called the T.E.R.P. Collective. You can check out my review if you want to know more about it.

I picked up some gummies at the dispensary visit (review coming) and two grams of flower. Since I was on a mini-vacation I wanted to pick up some extra special flower that I could enjoy back at my rental. I checked out the selection as I always do and the undisputed champion of the inventory at that time was the Dr. Who strain grown by Geek Farms, as seen below:

dr who geek farms oregon marijuana cannabis

According to the Geek Farms website the Dr. Who strain was bred by Homegrown Natural Wonders and is a cross between Mad Scientist and Timewreck. The smell of the flower was unreal. Right when the budtender opened the jar it was like some sweet floral aroma punched me right in the nostrils.

Anyone who spends time looking at the flower at dispensaries knows what I am talking about. If you have to wonder what that experience is like, the cannabis you have been sniffing is not on the same level as the Dr. Who by Geek Farms. This was the type of smell that makes you want to jump into the jar.

After the dank jar trance wore off I looked at the budtender who was smiling. ‘Everyone has that look when they smell it.’ he said. I paid $13 per gram (2 grams), which is at the upper end of how much grams cost in Oregon, but it was worth every penny. One factor that I always look for in a top shelf flower is how long it holds its smell.

I have purchased many grams that smelled like heaven at the dispensary but lost their smell with every pop of the jar. That was not the case with the Dr. Who. I bought it a week and a half ago and have opened the container it’s in a dozen or more times and it still smells unreal.

I would describe the taste as being very sweet on the inhale, and very floral on the exhale. I have heard others describe the flavor and smell of the flower differently than I do, but everyone says it’s EXTREMELY desirable regardless of how they describe the taste and smell. To me, that is a testament to how dynamic the flower is.

The high from the cannabis is thorough, but not couchlock. It was very euphoric and had me thinking about all kinds of trippy, mind wandering things. It has been a long time since I smoked a flower that I could say that about. The high also seemed to come in phases. I consumed 1.5 Volcano vaporizer bags and immediately felt a head change. After a few minutes, I felt it kick up a notch and then a few minutes after that I was very stoned.

I always pay attention to how thick the vapor is out of the Volcano and how many bags it takes to ‘get there’ and while the vapor wasn’t that thick, the effect was unreal. This is some of the best flower that is out there in Oregon. I would put it up against any flower in any legal state in America and I feel is a great representation of my home state.

If you are traveling to Oregon on vacation and you want to see what Oregon cannabis is really about, this is the type of flower you want to look out for. It costs a bit more than flower from other farms, but it’s worth every single penny. Below is an amazing picture of the Dr. Who strain via Geek Farms’ Instagram page. A huge hat tip to the folks at Geek Farms out in Otis, Oregon:

dr who geek farms marijuana cannabis oregon

***This is an honest review. Not only was I not paid for this review, I paid my own dollars to keep it non-biased!***

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