Cannabis Product Review: Raspberry Sativa Gummies By Wyld

My wife is one of the toughest cannabis critics that I know. I have shown her a number of cannabis products over the years, and way fewer cannabis products have ‘made the cut’ compared to those that haven’t. She has a high standard for cannabis products, which is one of the many reasons why I love her!

One company’s products stand above them all in her opinion, and that would an Oregon cannabis company named Wyld. Wyld makes infused gummies that are my wife’s favorite cannabis products by far, and that is as hard of an endorsement as a company can get, trust me ūüôā

I have tried the gummies myself, and they are absolutely fantastic. We recently purchased some raspberry sativa gummies by Wyld from our local dispensary, and they are packed with flavor. Some gummies basically taste like gummy hash, with the cannabis flavor overpowering the flavor of other ingredients in the gummies. I like some cannabis taste in my gummies, but I also like the fruity flavor to come through too.

Not only are Wyld’s raspberry sativa¬†gummies the best gummies that my wife and I have ever eaten, but they may also be the best gummies we have ever eaten including non-cannabis gummies. These particular gummies are perfect for when you need to experience some effects, but also still need to be able to get tasks done. Housework, hanging out at a park, and grocery shopping are just a few of the activities that have been recently enhanced by these gummies between my wife and I.

We have referred quite a few of our friends to these gummies, and every one of them without exception has thanked us for letting them know and that the gummies are now their favorites too. They are made with real fruit. Oregon is home to some of the best raspberries on the planet, and I love how Wyld incorporates them into this product.

If you are a fan of infused-gummies and you live in Oregon or are visiting Oregon, check out Wyld raspberry sativa gummies. Not only are they some of the best gummies on the market, Wyld is a truly local cannabis company, which is always something that I love to support! You can find which dispensaries carry them on Weedmaps.
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