Cannabis Product Review – Jack’s Grape CO2 Vape Pen Cartridge By Natural Roots

jack's grape natural roots co2 cannabis marijuana vape pen cartridge

I am always excited when a knowledgeable friend asks me if I have tried a particular cannabis strain, and I have never heard of it. Jack’s Grape is one of those strains. I have heard of many ‘Jack’ strains from ‘Super Jack’ to ‘Jack the Ripper’ but I have never heard of Jack’s Grape.

When my friend told me that he had Jack’s Grape in a vape cartridge to give me, I was skeptical because so many vape pen companies are putting out subpar products. I have purchased so many vape pen cartridges that either tasted terrible, or didn’t work, or had oil in it that was a consistency that made it vape too fast or too slow.

It got to the point where I basically gave up on vape pen cartridges. I absolutely loved the convenience when I got my hands on a good one, but it seemed like such a crapshoot that even if the vape cartridge worked well at first, it stopped working shortly after its first use. Or the oil started off with a good consistency but over time got thicker or thinner as it was regularly used.

I honestly don’t remember the last time that I used a vape pen cartridge, but I gladly accepted my friend’s gift because he is an amazing activist and extremely knowledgeable about cannabis, and obviously a free cannabis product is always welcomed. It didn’t take long for me to become very impressed with the product, which is a Jack’s Grape CO2 vape pen cartridge made by Natural Roots.

Jack’s Grape is a 50/50 hybrid. I am not sure which farm produced the flower that went into the final product, but according to an article we published earlier this week Natural Roots works with Rogue River Family Farms, Decibel Farms, Frost Factory and Corner Creek Farms. All of them are reputable farms and whichever one (or all?) produced the Jack’s Grape deserves a hat tip.

The cartridge itself was superior to most of the other cartridges I have seen. So many companies use the really cheap, generic looking cartridges that are imported at extremely low prices from overseas. Natural Roots’ cartridges are high quality, and have an air flow that really helps you get a solid hit. Other cartridges seem to restrict the inhale resulting in small, unsatisfying hits.

I would describe the flavor of the oil to be piney berry. I had a few others try it and they didn’t seem quite certain of what the exact flavor was, but we all thoroughly enjoyed it. The flavor really fills the mouth and lingers on the palate. The potency of the cartridge was really good, creating a relaxing feeling but not couchlock.

What I was gifted was a .5 gram cartridge, and I have been heefing on it fairly regularly for five days and I am perhaps half to 2/3 done with the cartridge, so the ‘vaporization rate’ is solid. I have experienced zero issues with it and only have good things to say about the effects of it and the functionality of it. I can’t speak for every dispensary, but the Green Front currently has a STELLAR deal on these – $16.80 for a .5 gram cartridge. $14 for OMMP patients! That has to be one of the sweetest deals in the state, although the cartridges definitely warrant a higher price.

I don’t know how long that deal lasts or if other dispensaries are matching that price, but regardless, if you are able to get to the Green Front I would definitely recommend that you do it sooner rather than later. It sounds like there are other flavors made by Natural Roots and if I get my hands on more of their cartridges I will definitely review them for others to read about.

In summary, I would absolutely recommend the Jack’s Grape CO2 vape pen cartridge by Natural Roots. The flavor, the cartridge, and the price are more than worth it, and you can feel good about where your dollars are going because the company is a big supporter of the OMMP community via donated cannabis. At a time when many cannabis companies are leaving patients behind Natural Roots is stepping up to help suffering people, and that’s something that I love to support and you should too!

***This is an honest, non-biased review. I was not paid for this review.***

jack's grape natural roots co2 cannabis marijuana vape pen cartridge

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