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I recently wrote about an event that past, known as Dexterity and after the past couple months of divisiveness that led to the Presidential Election, it was refreshing to participate in a art show where you could get your nails done, have a beer, and eat some infused popcorn while a dj played.

Unfortunately, I left before the extra curricular activities like the busting of the pig dressed as a cop holding a gun pinata but what I did see and do was worth the tampons I brought for the cover charge. The venue was held in Love City Love in Capitol Hill Seattle, an art space in a safe place because Capitol Hill, Seattle has been all things friendly since I was young.

The event was the result of two women empowered groups Women.Weed.Wifi and Top Coat Seattle and it was a pleasure to see the next generation of canna-women creating their own success while helping others and encapsulating all walks of life.

I showed up early where only a few people arrived but it gave me a chance to take in everything; women were seated to my left getting their nails done like in a high end salon, in the back was the DJ (also a woman) killing it, and the wall on the right was filled with art to take in. I wish I had a professional camera to take pictures of the event because the event was filled with beauty and positivity. Artists did intricate designs on the medium of nail wheels given, along with some other mediums presented like photography and paint.

Prior to arriving I thought I did enough research on the situation and went in seeking Women.Weed.Wifi, who I thought were also the podcasters HellaBlackHellaSeattle but it turns out they are two different groups. One being that HellaBlackHellaSeattle pretty much states what they stand for women, arts, and culture in Seattle. The other group Women.Weed.Wifi, I see is on the national level.


As marijuana becomes more acceptable there are more opportunities nationwide in the cannabis industry, among those opportunities groups forming for the purpose of social networking, I’ve seen some weather rocky times with shady leaders and others fall because in the end it was just about dinners and collecting dues, not making a social difference. Women.Weed.Wifi  and their social events and activism will be a force to contend with, they stand for art and empowerment which was reinforced in a settings Dexterity.

Dexterity was a women oriented event but I didn’t feel uncomfortable there, as the room started filling up there was a mix of colors, genders, and sexuality and none of it mattered. Events like Dexterity are the hearts of inner cities and if you have a chance to go to one, I highly recommend it.

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