Cannabis Industry Receives A Huge Investment From The Alcohol Industry

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‘Regulate marijuana like alcohol.’ Those have proven to be the four most useful words in the English language for cannabis activists across America this decade. Cannabis is safer than alcohol, and since alcohol is legal, cannabis should be legal too. That simple logic has resonated with voters in 8 states, and Washington D.C., resulting in cannabis legalization victories in 2012, 2014, and 2016.

But just because cannabis should be regulated like alcohol does not mean that the two should mix, at least according to some people. I personally don’t care what people consume on their own time, as long as they are not harming anyone else. I don’t consume alcohol nearly as often as I consume cannabis, but I do have a drink on occasion. Because of that I have always tried to be careful when comparing alcohol and cannabis, as to not demonize alcohol and those that consume it. Alcohol has undeniably caused far more problems for society than cannabis has, but I think that it’s quite possible for people to drink responsibly, and for cannabis consumers to live in harmony with alcohol consumers.

Some people feel very passionately that cannabis and alcohol should never mix. This is true within the cannabis community, and definitely true among cannabis opponents. Cannabis opponents constantly try to lump alcohol and cannabis in the same boat when it helps cannabis look worse in the public’s view. It’s a staple of cannabis opponents’ strategies. Never mind the fact that alcohol is often present at anti-cannabis events. Hypocrisy is also a staple of cannabis opponents’ strategies. News broke today that a major player in the alcohol industry has made a huge investment in the cannabis industry, which will no doubt lead to a lot of conversations going forward among cannabis supporters and opponents alike. Per excerpts from an article originally posted by New Cannabis Ventures:

The Wall Street Journal broke big news for the global alcohol and cannabis industries today, detailing an investment by Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ) into Canadian licensed cannabis producer Canopy Growth (TSX: WEED) (OTC: TWMJF).

According the WSJ, it purchased the stake to pursue development of drinkable cannabis beverages and to get a head start in advance of eventual legalization in the United States.

Cannabis opponents are no doubt going to point to this investment and make it seem like the sky is falling, and that addiction and terror on public roadways is going to increase exponentially. Members of the cannabis community are also likely to be up in arms about this investment, making claims that big alcohol is out to take over the cannabis industry. The first of those is obviously ridiculous, but the latter may have some merit. From a purely regulatory standpoint, cannabis and alcohol will not be allowed to be in the same product in America in the near future, proven by how hard it is just to have a cannabis event at a venue where alcohol licenses are present. How it will work in other countries…Only time will tell.

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