Cannabis Consumers Are Easy Arrests; America’s Other PTSD

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It would be nice if stupid people carried signs or if one could smell out a criminal but this is not the case. Even though marijuana legalization proves to be more popular than any politician or other types of policy, people in power (police) still choose to persecute and prosecute people for their choice of lifestyle less harmful than most things legal; they refuse to police with common sense for the greater good.

Even though marijuana is legal for recreational use in 10 States and our Nation’s Capitol, police across the nation chose not to fight real crime to make their communities better. Instead, they decide to make criminals out of innocent Americans, who are more than likely of a darker hue. I came across two different stories of such one in High Times and the other a story on YouTube.

Good Samaritan Arrested For Smelling Like Weed While Helping Drunk Neighbor

This is perhaps one of the worse of the worse scenarios in the land of prohibition ignorance. A Maryland man was arrested after being locked out of his house and waiting for his Lyft. While waiting he noticed his incredibly inebriated neighbor, who was probably suffering from toxic shock from drinking legal alcohol due to the fact police were called on him for being previously passed out in someone’s yard.

After our good samaritan escorted his grieving neighbor home, he returned to wait for his ride to find police waiting for him. The rest can be seen in the video that was recorded by his other neighbors who were defending him. On the video, you can hear one of the officers saying “He’s under the influence”, the reason to twist his arms behind his back and detain him. Even if he was “under the influence” of cannabis, this is no reason to treat another human being the way he was, if he was “under the influence” of cannabis, he’s only a threat to pizza. Here’s Samir’s post on the YouTube video, the irony here is that Officer Mota said he smelled like weed. Mota is a Mexican slang term for weed.

On November 17, 2018 I was locked out of my house, so I called a lyft to go to a friends house untill my parents got home. While I was outside I realized my sisters car door was open so I sat inside there because it was cold. While I was inside the car I realized there was a drunk man walking down the street who was contiously falling. I asked if he was okay, but he was so drunk he could barely talk. I lifted him up, and asked where he was going. He said he was going to about 10 houses up, so I carried him there in my arms. I knocked on his door and made sure he got inside safely then walked back home. When I got home, I realized there was and fire truck and police cars parked outside my house. I asked “is there a fire”? The female officer named officer Mota said they were there because someone called and said somebody was intoxicated, and needed medical attention. Apparently before I seen the drunk stranger he was unconscious in somebodies lawn. I explained to Officers and the firemen that I carried the drunk stranger home up the street. They then asked where the drunk guy lived and I refused to tell them which infuriated them.Then officer Mota said I smell like weed, and asked if I have any on me. I replied no. I then identified myself and showed that I lived at the the residence. She then asked questions about the house. I told her that I was locked out out and waiting for my lyft. They then began to ask questions about the situation for a few minutes.Eventually my lyft came and I asked if was free to go. Officer Mota responded no I still have questions for you. So I told the Lyft driver to wait cause I thought it would only take a few minutes. Officer Mota began to question me more. She then said “I think you are the intoxicated one”. Which I just laughed off. She then asked why my sisters car door was wide open. I explained when I walked the drunk stranger home I forgot to close the car door. Officer Mota then began to walk toward my sisters car as if she going to search it. I told her not to touch my sisters car which infuriated her more. She then again brought up that she smelt marijuana and asked where it was coming from. I responded I don’t know where it was coming from. Officer mota and her partner then put me in hand cuffs, but refused to tell me what I was under arrest for. This footage is from the point of view of my neighbors phone. My neighbor is the one who called for paramedics for the intoxicated guy. Throughout the video you can here him continuously pleading that they have the wrong guy in handcuffs. Later on in the day after I was arrested, the drunk guy was found and let free.

Meanwhile In New York

Here’s another video of being too dark to drive but in this scenario, an officer plants a blunt in order to get an arrest.

It’s shit like these two incidences are why we can’t have nice things America. This is 2018, not 1936 reefer madness ignorance. We need to have open and honest discussions on all things drugs from coffee to cannabis, it’s not till then will our justice system be justice or our reoccurring addiction crisis can be dealt with.

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