Cannabis Conspiracies: You’re Not Crazy If It Can Be True

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This started as a rant about the politics and politicians in Everett Washington but has transformed into a tinfoil hat rant mixed with the tiredness of being told how to live by people who have failings themselves.

My issue is not people believing they’re saving the world by stopping cannabis legalization but the fact that my tax dollars fund my government against me.

Why Does Everett, Washington Hate Weed and Money?

2014 was the last High Times Cannabis Cup in Washington State. With the deceiving name of Seattle US Cannabis Cup, the event was held in Everett, Washington. Despite it being financially successful for the community with no reported incidents from the high levels of cannabis consumption on that block during the Cup this was the last cannabis event in Everett, Washington.

On May 15th an ad was placed in the Everett Herald thanking members of the city council for consistently voting against the expansion of pot shops in the area despite the Everett Planning Commission voting for the expansion that would benefit the city with jobs and taxes.

Anger towards Everett’s City Council quickly turned into a conspiracy rabbit hole. The Everett Council Members are most likely in the Federal Government’s pocket (Everett, Wa is home to a Naval Base), but my anger is that my government is subsidizing programs with grants from the DEA telling me I’m a bad parent and person.

The ad in the Everett Herald cost 990$ for a one-day posting, to spread reefer sadness and thank council members for voting against expansion. That’s 990$ dollars out of someone’s pocket to preach about the evils of weed and spread ignorance in a recreational legal state.

Defund The Prohibition Propaganda Machine


Why am I paying to put myself in jail?


This is why we have tinfoil hat conspiracies

One day cannabis consumers and activists became aware of the ignorant propaganda machine known as Moms Strong via their stamp of approval on the Everett Herald Reefer Madness Ad.

Screenshot of Everett Herald Page

Everett Herald Reefer Madness

They were flooded with reviews of their page, comments that probably should have been toned down to just scientific facts, each resulting from them being banned from the page, a page where they decry they would like to be presented facts to change their mind but result in blocking all conversation like Trump on Twitter.

Moms Strong Statement after many noticed they exist

The group even went so low as to screencapture the maker of High Seas Beard Balm profile and blast her on social media when she was the most civil of all the comments and might I add a mom with successful children and high IQs.

Moms Strong Are Assholes

I’m frustrated by willful ignorance where one presents “facts” while people are growing old and dying behind bars for something that has proven to not be the root of all our evils, nine recreational states, and our Nation’s Capitol proves that.

People behind groups like Moms Strong and Project SAM feigned victims of being bullies and society while by what they preach, they are willing to put me behind bars for my beliefs and consumption of cannabis. Reefer Madness is Reefer Sadness. The science is here, and society has proven it won’t collapse, in fact, it can flourish as in the nine legal States and The District of Columbia.

Initially, I was going to dissect each Mom’s Strong story and point on how they blamed cannabis as their root problem when the child or person in question had multiple issues that resulted in their death or demise in society. For example, Shane’s Story is a mother’s opinion that her son was a drug addict and that his mental state was the result of cannabis consumption. If her assumptions were right then, the rate of psychiatric episodes and suicides in legal States would have increased dramatically from 1996 when medical cannabis started in California, but this is not the case.

One would think to live in a legal state there would be no reefer madness, but this is not the case. Besides the bullshit rhetoric being spread to deter teens from consuming which is fine, there are ignorant adults claiming plant legalization does more harm than good. Here are some examples;

Woman stopped by police and raped

Or the recent Georgia parents who lost custody of their child for treating his seizures with cannabis.

Or when a three-year old’s health rapidly declined after his caregiver was arrested, in a now recreational legal State, and died.

Meet Spencer, a 3-Year-Old Boy Killed because of People “Just Doing their Jobs”

People’s lives are being ruined, the law, not the plant are ruining American lives. It’s groups like Mom’s Strong and MATFORCE (Arizona) that continually perpetuate bullshit in the name of saving me from myself or “big” marijuana. Why should I be afraid of seeing someone being successful off of selling shitty weed? I don’t frown on the Rainier Beer drinkers I just don’t drink Rainier.

You Matter More Than Ever

What’s (the injustices, the cop killings and being killed, madness) happening right now and has been happening since civil rights started, skews our perception of right from wrong and this is why we can’t have nice things. Ending the war on drugs doesn’t mean ending the drug conversation, this is how the prohibitionists can achieve their goal, both are for the greater good.

What’s (the imprisonment of men and women over a plant) happening now goes against some God’s teachings to those who believe in loving thy neighbor. It goes against common decency and the thing we’re supposed to be known for, justice.

If you go outside, walk the streets of any city, we as a society, as a nation have bigger issues. Smoker and nonsmoker should be upset for people like Craig Cesal, Luke Scarmazzo, Richard Delisi, Antonio Bascara, Lance Gloor, and the many others growing old and losing life behind bars for something legal recreationally in multiple States and our nation’s Capital. Knowing these incarcerations exist and to sit idly by is like watching a rape occur and thinking “Fuck it, Not my problem.”, good people don’t do this nor should there be an encouragement of maintaining the present status quo of injustice.

America has not been great for a long time but what makes it great is that it can be.

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