Canna Creativity: Canna-Pillar

Seed Of Life

Not everyone has the luxury to be surrounded by tons of weed to get creative with, especially those in prohibition states.

I have the luxury of living in a legal state and still my cheap ass is only buying what he consumes, but there are those out there with creativity, something the world needs more of.

I present to you Canna-pillar. Submitted to us by a fan, a fan who lives in a prohibition State but hopes to put a smile out there.

What’s your canna-creation?

Canna Pillar 1

Canna Pillar 2

Canna Pillar 3

Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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My name is Miguel but I go by Miggy420 on the interwebs. My mission is to end prohibition through education, entertainment, and spreading awareness of those facing injustice, we are stronger as a whole when we're all informed.I don't have a degree but my resume includes 8 years of blogging, 10 years in the military, and presently working in the tech industry.