Canadian Government Wants Feedback on Marijuana Regulation Proposal

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Today Health Canada made an announcement about the regulation of cannabis, and is asking for public feedback on the proposal. Below is more information via a press release they published today, which includes a link to an infographic about how the supply chain will work, and a link to an infographic about how cultivation, processing, and licenses will work. Public responses to the proposal are due January 20, 2018:

The Government of Canada has committed to legalizing, strictly regulating, and restricting access to cannabis.  In April 2017, the government introduced Bill C-45, the proposed Cannabis Act. Subject to the approval of Parliament, the Government of Canada intends to bring the proposed Cannabis Act into force no later than July 2018.

We are now seeking feedback on how to regulate cannabis.


Health Canada is seeking your feedback on the Consultation Paper: Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis. This approach builds on the extensive consultations already conducted by the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation and Canada’s existing system of regulated production of cannabis for medical purposes and industrial hemp.

The proposed Cannabis Act would create a strict national framework for controlling the production, distribution, sale and possession of cannabis in Canada. As part of this framework, Health Canada would be responsible for regulating production and setting standards for health and safety. The provinces and territories would oversee the distribution and sale of cannabis, subject to minimum federal conditions.

This consultation relates to Health Canada’s proposed approach to the regulation of cannabis.


  • Canadians
  • Provincial, territorial governments
  • Indigenous governments and representative organizations
  • Municipalities
  • Patients
  • Public health community
  • Law enforcement
  • Cannabis industry, present and future
  • Hemp industry


The Consultation Paper outlines regulatory proposals for:

  • Licences, permits, and authorizations
  • Security clearances
  • Cannabis tracking system
  • Product standards
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Cannabis for medical purposes
  • Health products and cosmetics containing cannabis

How to participate

After reviewing the Consultation Paper you can provide your feedback in the following ways:

  1. Complete the online questionnaire
  2. Send a written submission by email to If you wish, you may attach an electronic file in one of the following formats:
    • Microsoft Word
    • Adobe Acrobat
  3. Send a written submission in hard-copy format by mail to:Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Secretariat
    Address locator 0602E
    Health Canada
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1A 0K9

The deadline to provide written comments and responses to the questionnaire is January 20, 2018.

Health Canada is actively seeking the input of all interested and affected parties to inform the development of the regulations. In addition to the online consultation, Health Canada will continue to meet with provincial and territorial governments and work with Indigenous partners, as well as hold dedicated discussions with stakeholders to promote understanding of the proposal and seek input.

As previously indicated, the Government of Canada intends to bring the proposed Cannabis Act into force no later than July 2018, subject to Parliamentary approval. To meet this commitment, the final regulations will need to be published in the Canada Gazette, Part II, as soon as possible following Royal Assent. As such, it is important that stakeholders provide input during the 60-day consultation period as draft regulations will not be pre-published. Instead, at the end of this 60-day consultation period, Health Canada intends to publish a summary of the comments received as well as a detailed outline of any changes to the regulatory proposal, which will continue to provide industry and stakeholders with as much information as possible on the proposed regulatory requirements.

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Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Secretariat
Address locator 0602E
Health Canada
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