Canada Likely To Sell Adult-Use Cannabis Over The Internet

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I have been blogging about cannabis since January 2010. If there is one thing that I know about cannabis on the internet, it’s to beware people that claim to sell marijuana over the internet. I get asked all the time if I think it’s safe, if I have any tips, etc.. I tell people the same thing every time – you are likely going to get jacked or entrapped. No matter how good that deal is on the ‘OG Kush’ and just about every other high profile strain, you would be smart to pass.

That rule of thumb may be going away for Canadians, at least after legalization is implemented. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau participated in an online interview about marijuana with Vice. Below is an excerpt of the interview:

There will be a way to purchase legal weed “in every corner of this country” — likely through a federally regulated system online — regardless of any limitations provinces may decide to put in place, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said during a live conversation with VICE Canada on Monday night.

The interview covered quite a few facets of marijuana policy. I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already. One disturbing thing that Justin Trudeau said was that he didn’t expect people with prior marijuana convictions to be allowed to participate in the eventually legal adult-use marijuana industry. As pointed out by lengendary activist Tom Angell via the Marijuana Moment (sign up for it, trust me it’s awesome):

In response to a question from actor Seth Rogen, he said Canadian government officials have communicated with U.S. officials about the country’s legalization plan but that he hasn’t spoken about it with President Trump.

Trudeau seemed to dismiss concerns about continuing drug war discrimination in the legal marijuana industry, saying that if someone has past cannabis trafficking conviction, “I don’t think we are going to reward them with an opportunity to sell it legally.”

But he said the government will “take steps” to help people with past convictions following legalization’s implementation, perhaps suggesting a widespread pardons initiative.

Legalization in Canada is going to be a very big deal. It’s going to urge nations to move forward on marijuana policy whether they like to admit it or not. Not all countries, but definitely some. I wish one of them would be the United States, which continues to act as if reefer madness is still in style. One can only hope. Regardless, I’m very curious to see how the online marijuana system would work. I don’t think that it’s something that everyone would do, but some would, especially those in rural areas or, sadly, areas that are likely to see some type of continued prohibition on cannabis (Canada’s legalization model will allow provinces to do so if they choose and/or allow smaller municipalities to do so within provinces).

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