Bruce Lee Would Have Dabbed

bruce lee kicking prohibition

CNN published an article about on a book based on Bruce Lee’s short but influential life titled Bruce Lee: A Life. In it discusses many personal aspects of the kung fu master, one thing I didn’t realize was Bruce Lee’s fame is posthumous.

The book confirms a rumor I once heard before Joe Rogan mentioned in a debate with the ill-informed Ted Nugent and that was Bruce Lee was a cannabis consumer.

So much a consumer he would be called a hippie or spiritualist when you say things like “it raised consciousness levels.” The best antidote is when someone stopped training with Bruce Lee due to the excess amount of smoke.

The article states that he transitioned from a box full of joints to eating bits of hashish, I would have to contend I’m sure he still smoked flower. I can only imagine that Bruce found the benefits of cannabis beyond the spiritual, his use probably was also medicinal due to the stresses he put his body through, I’m sure cannabis helped.

If Bruce Lee was alive today, I believe he would have a line of products of both flowers and concentrates. There would be strain names like Kung-fu grip, or maybe even based on his movies like Enter The Dragon, either way, Bruce Lee would have been a cannabis superstar.

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