Briteside Cannabis Delivery Knocks It Out Of The Park With Viral Ad

briteside cannabis delivery oregon

If you have spent any time in America and watched television, you have likely seen a number of advertisements for pharmaceutical drugs. The ads always show people living life to the fullest, with the actors in the ads being full of smiles. All the while a narrator is talking about the horrific things that the pharmaceutical drug getting pitched will do to people. It seems like almost every time I turn on the TV these ads are playing.

Cannabis is of course much safer than pharmaceutical drugs, and it turns out that cannabis advertising is also much more clever than pharmaceutical advertising, at least in the case of an Oregon based cannabis delivery service called Briteside. Below is an ad that is going viral all over the internet, with articles covering it on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean (and perhaps beyond). I haven’t received this many text messages from friends about this a cannabis video since those grandmas made the video of them consuming cannabis for the first time. Happy viewing:

Johnny Green
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