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Blazing Washington Green Background

As cannabis legalization grows from State to State so do the participants in media. I would like to introduce to Justin Cohen, blogger, author, promoter, and cannabis connoisseur.

Justin is the man behind, an informative website covering Washington State’s recreational cannabis scene and culture. The project launched initially as in January of 2017.

A lack of understanding of the Washington industry led to the website succumbing to multiple issues. He shut the project down and came back ten months later as with a mission to document Washington’s cannabis culture, events, music scene, products and more. In addition to covering events, Justin holds cannabis bus events, with the goal of promoting music and other types of events down the road.

Upcoming Event With Twista and Off The Dome

Blazing Washington is co-promoting an upcoming show on November 2nd in Tacoma with Two Five Trees Productions and Off The Dome Records featuring legendary Chicago rapper Twista at Jazzbones in Tacoma, Wa. Tickets went on sale this week with the expectation of a sell-out at an intimate venue of 400.

OTD and Twista Tacoma

Local boys, Off The Dome, have made an epic run in the rap world in the last eighteen months including video drops with OG K.C. legend Kutt Calhoun and Strange Music’s Wrekonize. A tour with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony took place in late 2017, a performance at the 2018 SXSW, and another short stint with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony in the summer of 2018.

Besides media, Justin is a long time travel and former poker blogger. Having traveled the world as an international teacher, Justin is finding his roots back in America to tell his tales.

WN: What is your experience with cannabis?

J.C: I started to use cannabis at the age of 14, but quit at 16 for a decade. I started to consume again in my late 20’s in California but at an infrequent level due to the scarcity of product.

I moved abroad to work as a teacher for seven years in my late 30’s, and early 40’s consuming low-quality cannabis in Latin America and Asia. I focused mostly on other parts of my life and cannabis was not a big part of my daily existence.

When I came back to the States in 2014, my mind was blown away by the easy access in California and Washington, but came to realize there was immense work that needed to be done revolving around cannabis. I’m particularly interested in the unethical imprisonment of citizens due to the cannabis war and veterans right to access life-changing medication.

WN: How did you get into the cannabis industry?

J.C: During an online related-poker project based out of San Diego in 2014, I started to work with 420 models from So Cal and other parts of the States. I began to develop an interest in the cannabis industry, and this led me to leave my poker media project and focus on cannabis.

I have an interesting industry-related network developed in Southern California with the goal of returning and creating a multi-state presence.

WN: What is your recent book release all about?

J.C: I published a memoir under my pen name Rehabbing Fish a month ago. My goal is to have a book launch party in Seattle or Tacoma by the end of the year. The book is about an eight-month period starting in September 2017. The memoir focuses on the beginning of my recovery from a devastating thirty-one-year addiction, surviving in Seattle, and relaunching my cannabis project.

My goal is to publish a sequel about the eight months after the first book’s ending by 4/20/19. The content is getting incredibly exciting and looking forward to continuing the journey at a higher level.

Justin Cohen (center) With T.M McCauley (right), Author of Nutty at Seattle Hempfest, and unknown rapper (left)
Justin Cohen (center) With T.M McCauley (right), Author of Nutty at Seattle Hempfest, and unknown rapper (left)

WN: What does Rehabbing Fish mean?

J.C: This is my poker name that was created in 2013 and has significance in my story. I had a media project in the online poker industry for three years that used this name, and it has stuck as my number one Internet handle. The poker/gambling industry is incredibly dirty, and I want nothing to do with the industry on the business end, but I have an extensive history with higher level poker-related media names. My story is embedded in the poker culture and most likely will be incurring a massive audience down the road in that sector.

WN: What’s Next?

J.C: In a few weeks I’ll be off to Oklahoma for the one day Hempfest event. After that, I will be coming back to Seattle to prep for the rest of the year and 2019. I will continue to go to local events for coverage and get ready for the Twista/O.T.D show on November 2nd. Following the event, I’ll evaluate if I’ll go to warmth for the winter or slug it out in the Pacific Northwest.

Come Say High In Oklahoma

Blazing Washington is sponsoring Weed News to cover the Oklahoma Hempfest. What I predict is not so much a party but an educational event with locals and many from legal States. With Oklahoma’s overwhelming passing of medical, Oklahoma is in its infancy of the cannabis industry.

Woke citizens of Oklahoma have fought hard for a common sense approach to cannabis; now it’s only a matter of time until the rest of the State sees the government has deceived them with reefer madness.

People are coming from across the country to witness the awakening of the Midwest. State by State forms of legalization will take place, and soon people won’t have to fear being too dark to drive or having out State plates.

If you are in Oklahoma for this event, say high. We might even have a book to give you. I would like to thank Justin for his time and recommend you check out his book and website.

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