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Where to Celebrate 420 in 2019

Our favorite holiday of the year is almost upon us, and it promises to be bigger and better than ever. With so many US states and countries around the world legalizing and decriminalizing the use of marijuana, there’s major cause for celebration.

Since first being observed, 420 has always been about peaceful protests for cannabis use, along with joyous celebrations of what it can do. As it finally becomes more mainstream, events that deal with the business aspect of growing and supplying marijuana are also being held globally.

There’s nothing wrong with holding your own private 420 celebrations, with some close friends or even by yourself, relaxing with your favorite strain. But if you’re looking for large-scale festivities, there are plenty to enjoy.

Lighting Up Around the Globe

Would-be 420 revelers should avoid Indonesia and Japan, because both recreational and medical marijuana use is illegal here. That’s also the status in Bangladesh and Egypt, although the law is often not enforced. Recreational use in Costa Rica is decriminalized, but medical applications are still illegal. Possession of up to 3 grams for personal use is legal in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain, while both medical and recreational use are fully legal in Canada, South Africa, Georgia and Uruguay.

In terms of the festivities that will be held, the world’s top 10 420-friendly destinations are the Netherlands, Spain, Jamaica, Cambodia, Vancouver, Colorado, Alaska, Nimbin in Australia, and South Africa. If you travel to any of these, there are a few pointers to remember, to make the journey easier for you and the authorities.
Basic Travelling Tips

There are a few general dos and don’ts when you’re embarking on this kind of (pardon the pun) trip. First and foremost, it is always illegal to carry cannabis across borders while travelling by air. Simply put, never ever do that. You should also look for accommodation that is pro-420, and contact local cannabis clubs before you depart.

Make sure you have your official ID; you’re bound to need to show how old you are and where you’re from before your vacation is over. Some interesting talks on how to deal with the marijuana trade and banking have been put on at 420 gatherings, but for now it’s mostly cash-only. Make sure you bring enough, so you can sample and participate in everything. And if you’re using cannabis for medical reasons, be sure to bring the relevant patient paperwork.

Enjoy 420 to the Fullest

Choose one of the top 10 destinations listed here and you’ll find a huge variety of talks, entertainment and delicious food. Sample whatever is on offer, from Puff and Paint workshops and tasting of different marijuana-infused beers, to beginners’ seminars on how the plant can spice up your sex life.

Colorado has been the epicentre of 420 festivities for the past few years, and in 2019 there are multi-sensory dining experiences, a Grower’s Cup, stand-up comics and plenty of other entertainment, including performances by Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube – two incredible artists and champions of the culture.

The D.Day420 celebrations in Johannesburg’s Maboneng Precinct will host some of South Africa’s best local bands, and the clubs in Barcelona will no doubt be even more vibrant than usual.

Cannabis is part of everyday life for Cambodians, and has been for hundreds of years.

Since it’s so normal, people don’t really make too much of a fuss about the holiday – it’s 420 Day every day, and basically always has been. Revel quietly in that fact when you go out, and casually request some cannabis on your pizza. Whatever your chosen destination, if you get to round off your stay with visits to the local attractions and sites, you really do have the makings of a holiday to remember.

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