One Day Prohibition Will Be A “Back In My Day” Tale


A day in the life of pot story, the other day I paid a brief visit to a highly anticipated store that took 4 years to be here. The brainchild of a former Microsoft executive Diego Pellicer was born, namesake for a Filipino Hemp Farmer.

The ambiance given by Diego Pellicer is definitely a cognac and cigar vibe which is nice to see, if you’re seeking that experience.

The official Grand Opening for Diego Pellicer is October 16. I encourage you to stop by for the Grand Opening to see what the next step to the artisan market taking hold.

The same day I visited the newest addition to Seattle’s fine selection of pot shops, the latest of Obama’s Clemency recipients was released and out of  102 prisoners, only 2 were marijuana related.

It bothers me when I see meth, crack, and coke cases get released but not pot cases, the least harmful of them all (legal drugs included).

I agree with the mantra End The Drug War, to legalize all drugs because prison is not a cure, to reconsider how we treat true addiction, besides methadone and crime but until the rest of the world wakes up to its own hypocrisy, marijuana legalization is a nation wide game changer for racism and sexism, justice for all or at least a fair chance.

As our Nation squabbles over whose asshole is the best, let us not forget that there is a true way to make things better for the greater good and that’s support legalization until there is no need to support it. Until men and women don’t have to fear losing their jobs, their livelihoods and most importantly, their life.

Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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