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Marijuana Legalization

Full Text Of Massachusetts Question 4 (2016 Marijuana Legalization Initiative)

On Election Day 2016, Massachusetts voters will decide if their state will become one of the newest legal states in America. Below is the full text of the Massachusetts 2016 marijuana legalization initiative. Please share it with everyone that you know in Massachusetts: Massachusetts Question 4 - Table of Contents SECTION 1.      [Purpose] […]

Marijuana Use vs Risk vs Disorders
Marijuana Legalization

TV Quack Dr. Oz Spreads Junk Science To Discredit Marijuana

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the television doctor known for promoting Reiki “energy” therapy and numerous unproven snake oil “cures”, has co-authored an article entitled ”Marijuana: Is there a responsible way to approach its increasing use?“ It appears in Friday’s Health & Fitness section of The Idaho Statesman, the largest newspaper in the state of my birth, […]

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Marijuana Legalization

Should Marijuana Legalizers Worry About Clinton’s Wall Street Speeches?

  While most of the media was focused on the Republican presidential nominee’s casual admission of committing sexual assaults, some noticed that WikiLeaks has released supposed transcripts of Hillary Clinton’s $225,000 speeches to Wall Street bankers. One excerpt has gotten traction for revealing Clinton to be a two-faced politician saying […]

Cannabis Activism

Marijuana Activist Kari Boiter for Montana House District 44

Long time marijuana reform activist Kari Boiter has returned to her hometown of Billings, Montana, where she is facing off against an incumbent state representative with a background in law enforcement to represent District 44. We discuss Montana’s I-182 initiative to reform and restore medical marijuana and the other issues […]

Marijuana Legalization

Why is California Medical Marijuana So Expensive?

In debating the Stoners Against Legalization about California’s Prop 64, one criticism they leveled regards its taxation of medical marijuana. Prop 64 is establishing a 15 percent excise tax and a $9.25 per ounce cultivation tax on all commercial marijuana transactions, both medical and recreational. Patients who get a new voluntary […]

Marijuana Legalization

Arizona Billboards Rebut Opioid-Financed Anti-Marijuana Ads

A new billboard campaign calls out the opponents of Arizona’s Prop 205 for misrepresenting the effects of marijuana legalization. A press conference announcing the media campaign will be held this morning at 10am in front of the billboard in Phoenix, located just south of Chase Field on SW corner of 7th and […]

NH Rep Kyle Tasker at Hearing

Marijuana Sales, Smoking In N.H. Statehouse; Lawmakers Avoid Charges

The Associated Press reports that New Hampshire’s Attorney General believes he has evidence to prove that four state representatives smoked with or bought marijuana from a former state representative in the statehouse, but none of the five will be facing any drug charges over the matter. In New Hampshire law, possession […]