NH Rep Kyle Tasker at Hearing

Marijuana Sales, Smoking In N.H. Statehouse; Lawmakers Avoid Charges

The Associated Press reports that New Hampshire’s Attorney General believes he has evidence to prove that four state representatives smoked with or bought marijuana from a former state representative in the statehouse, but none of the five will be facing any drug charges over the matter. In New Hampshire law, possession […]

Weed News Week
Marijuana Legalization

Weed News Week Ending September 30, 2016

Monday, September 26, 2016 If Project SAM leader Kevin Sabet is the so-called “quarterback of the anti-legalization movement”, then former police lieutenant Diane Goldstein is the “defensive end of the anti-prohibition movement” who just sacked Sabet for a ten-yard loss. Goldstein, a board member with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and […]

Marijuana Legalization

Oregon Bans Marijuana Strain Names Appealing to Children

A week ago, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) passed a temporary rule that forbids the use of certain cannabis strain names in the marketing and packaging of cannabis products for sale. Included in the ban are such popular strains as “Girl Scout Cookies” and “Charlotte’s Web”. (OLCC) The Commission’s current […]

Angela Bacca
Marijuana Legalization

Angela Bacca Uncovers Nevada Marijuana Foes Using Mormon Church

Angela Bacca conducts her marijuana activism as a writer and investigative journalist for numerous outlets. In her latest work, to be published on Alternet.org, Bacca looks into the anti-marijuana legalization campaign in Nevada, which is using the state’s prominent LDS Church (the Mormons) to distribute invitations to biased presentations about […]

Marijuana Legalization

#MJElectionNight Preview: Yes on 4 (Massachusetts Legalization)

Jim Borghesani from the Yes on Question 4 campaign joins us to discuss the particulars of the marijuana legalization initiative in Massachusetts. Be sure to tune in to CannabisRadio.com on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 starting at 6pm Eastern for my live streaming coverage of #MJElectionNight from Los Angeles. We’re speaking with […]

#MJElectionNight v2
Marijuana Legalization

How Does Legalization of Marijuana Affect Pot Smokers?

Five states are deciding whether to legalize marijuana for adults this election. But there are some pot smokers in those states who are voting against these measures. They feel like medical/decrim is good enough. They complain it’s not True Legalization™ since there will still be some marijuana crimes. They predict […]

Growing Marijuana

Jorge Cervantes’ Tips For Marijuana Harvest Season

Legendary cannabis cultivator Jorge Cervantes from MarijuanaGrowing.com joins us to discuss his tips for harvest season and takes listener questions on the use of neem oil. Catch more great interviews with reform leaders, researchers, activists, authors, musicians, celebrities, atheletes, lawmakers, and law enforcement talking about the social movement to end […]

Fat McDonald's Kid
Marijuana Legalization

The Treat Alcohol Like Marijuana Act

As marijuana legalization sweeps the country, our prohibitionist opposition sounds the alarm about “Big Marijuana” – how it will become a predatory industry, mendaciously marketing super-potent gummy bears to the kids and promoting marijuana addiction among young adults. But some public policy wonks, even long-time supporters of ending prohibition, agree […]

Marijuana Legalization

#MJElectionNight Preview: Yes on 1 (Maine Legalization)

Regulate Maine’s David Boyer fills us in on the details of Maine’s Question 1 initiative to legalize marijuana. Be sure to tune in to CannabisRadio.com on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 starting at 6pm Eastern for my live streaming coverage of #MJElectionNight from Los Angeles. We’re speaking with reform leaders, campaign spokespeople, […]