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Marijuana Legalization

Maine Marijuana Legalization Takes Effect On January 30th

Maine was one of four states that voted to legalize marijuana for adult use on Election Day 2016. The other states that voted to legalize on Election Day were of course California, Massachusetts, and Nevada. All three other states have seen their initiatives take effect for non-industry purposes. Maine’s marijuana […]

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Marijuana Strains

Clementine Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

My step brother is one of my favorite people on this planet. I have watched him grow up into a very upstanding man and I’m very proud to call him my brother. My step brother is one of the most knowledgeable cannabis consumers that I know, with a very big […]

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Marijuana Studies

New Study: Cigarettes Tied To Increased Stroke Risk But Not Marijuana

According to the American Cancer Society, “Half of cigarette users will die because they smoke. Six million people die every year because of tobacco. This figure includes five million smokers, but also about 600,000 non-smokers exposed to second-hand smoke. It is expected that, without any action, eight million people will […]

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Marijuana Science

Does Smoking Marijuana Help Cure An Alcohol Hangover?

Today is of course New Year’s Day, and if you consumed too much alcohol last night chances are you are regretting it today. I am not here to pass judgement, as I consumed a little bit of alcohol last night myself. I’m happy to say that I do not have […]

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Cannabis Culture

Report: Hollywood Sign Changed To ‘Hollyweed’

A little over a month ago I went with my family to California on a road trip. We did a lot of typical tourist stuff, including stopping by to look at the Hollywood sign. We went to Lake Hollywood Park which provides a great view of the sign, and is […]

Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Is Officially Legal In Nevada

With the stroke of midnight in Nevada, marijuana is officially legal. Freedom! Nevada becomes the 7th state to legalize recreational marijuana, behind Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, California, Massachusetts, and also Washington D.C.. Maine voters also approved marijuana legalization on Election Day 2016, but its initiative has not taken effect yet. […]

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Cannabis Culture

How Long Does THC Stay In Your System When You Consume Marijuana?

How Long Will Marijuana Stay In My System? I was once counter-sued by a former business partner for my public opposition to mandatory marijuana drug testing by a prominent marijuana company. That’s a fact that I’m actually very proud of. The whole ordeal resulted in a positive resolution by the marijuana company, […]

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Medical Marijuana

Six Flags Theme Park Discriminates Against Medical Marijuana Patient

Marijuana patients experience discrimination in many ways. Even though marijuana is virtually harmless, and provides medical benefits proven by science, there is still a stigma surrounding the marijuana plant that unfortunately leads to those that use it being targeted by other members of society. Medical marijuana patients are discriminated against […]

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Marijuana Business

Nevada Medical Marijuana Data Breach Highlights Need For Industry Information Security

News broke yesterday that over 11,000 people had their personally identifiable information breached after a State of Nevada medical marijuana database was hacked. Application information was compromised, including applicants’ name, social security number, race, address, and citizenship information. The State of Nevada has come out saying that no patient information […]