Arkansas Master Judge Says Medical Marijuana Initiative Qualifies For Ballot

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An Arkansas Master Judge determined today that the Arkansans for Compassionate Care medical marijuana initiative, Issue 7, has enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot. It was recently discovered that a backer of Issue 6, a separate medical marijuana initiative, paid $30,000 to try to get Issue 7 signatures invalidated. The effort resulted in a lawsuit that sought to throw out 15,000 Issue 7 signatures, and with it, the initiative’s spot on the ballot in November.

The Arkansas Master Judge overseeing the lawsuit issued a report to the Arkansas Supreme Court in support of Issue 7, the Arkansas Supreme Court is expected to issue a final ruling by October 18th. Per Arkansas Online:

A retired Arkansas judge appointed by the state Supreme Court to review a medical marijuana initiative’s petitions as part of a lawsuit said Tuesday that more than enough valid signatures were submitted for the proposal.

Separately, the Supreme Court said it wouldn’t reconsider its decision to reject another lawsuit trying to block the proposal.

Retired Judge John B. Robbins said in a report issued to the court that he disqualified 2,087 of the signatures submitted and approved by election officials for the proposal, leaving it with 75,429 valid signatures. The proposal needed at least 67,887 signatures from registered voters to qualify for the November ballot.

The following message was posted on the Arkansans for Compassionate Care Facebook page:

This is very good news. Issue 7 is considered to be the more patient friendly, less pro-business initiative in Arkansas. A recent poll did not have a favorable result for either initiative. There are six weeks between now and Election Day. If you live in Arkansas and care about safe access, do what you can to get the word out.

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