Another Pot Cast (YouTube)


You are cordially invited to listen and interact with a corporate business lawyer and an electronics technician who want a better, safer world when it comes to cannabis policy. Join us as we try to stay topical and mostly relevant for at least half an hour of your time.

Thomas Howard has been a corporate business lawyer as long as he’s been a cannabis activist. Years ago under the nom de plume Hoam Rogh, he published The Case of US v. Yerbas and Satan’s Smoke. Both books were written to enlighten the reader on cannabis policy while entertaining at the same time. The other ugly mug is mine, besides writing these words, I’ve been writing on cannabis issues for ten years; sometimes as a blogger, other times to be submitted to the judicial system for the record as a private citizen, our greatest power.

This week we start off talking about the future of hemp and CBD plus Lance Gloor and that a resident from a recreational State sits behind Federal bars. For some reason, I can’t embed the video in the page but if you click the link below, it will take you to our first YouTube live recording.

Click Here For the Pot Cast

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