An Open Letter To Obama: Thanks Obama

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama

Dear President Obama,

First, I would like to start this off by saying thanks. Thanks for helping my sick and elderly with ObamaCare because no matter what people say, there are people more alive today because of you. Thanks for giving my gay brothers and sisters a voice, one they thought would never happen when it came to their union known as marriage. Thank you for giving little brown, black, yellow boys a role model with hopes that one day they can be President to. And finally, thank you for the large amounts of Clemencies that have occurred under your presidency but it is also here I feel my negatives about your presidency.

With each announcement of the Clemencies, I would scourge the internet for the list and zealously go line by line to see that most of the clemencies have been for crack and such, which I totally understand since there has been a history of unjust sentencing in our system due racial and socio-economic inequalities but the thing that I ponder the most is I really hope you plan on doing a blanket clemency for all marijuana cases. I say this because now 8 states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, 28 for medical use, our nation’s capital has legalized it for recreational use, and there are still 4 living Federal marijuana patients.

I believe the legacy you will leave will be great, but I also believe a lot will be reversed in a Trump Presidency, but there is still one thing you can do that will have a great social impact and that’s free those imprison for marijuana. Even though you said legalization is not a panacea, I believe you’re wrong when it comes to social justice. Freeing those in prison for pot, those that have already served decades, destined to die in prison, will make a difference from the ground up. Once this happens the tides will turn for the everyday American citizen, no longer would a youth’s future be destroyed by a conviction, no longer would people have to fear the police out of fear for smelling like pot.

As your administration hands things over I believe you can help not set back America 40 years as Trump believes things should be left to the State and I believe that’s just a political speak for cop-out to not believing that everybody should have a right to decide their medicine or recreational outlet.

I urge and plead Mr. Obama that you free our people, your people, American citizens that have lost their lives and livelihoods to a senseless drug war that has protected no one but has been geared toward certain groups as revealed by John Ehrlichman in Harper’s April 2016 edition.

One of the greatest atrocities that will plaque America is the unjust and failed war on drugs, where people are growing old and have lost time with loved ones over something that is legal to smoke for fun in 8 states and our nation’s capital and that can be used medicinally in 28 while at the same time there are 4 living Federal medical patients only because the other 4 have passed away.

Thanks Obama for all the other stuff but I would be really thankful if I never had to worry about me or my children serving time for a plant that has been a part of my culture and is in fact part of my faith.


Miguel a.k.a Miggy420

U.S Navy Veteran and Concerned Citizen

Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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