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Our mission is to reform harmful cannabis prohibition laws, rules, regulations, and social stigmas anywhere that they exist. Whether someone is a cubicle worker, athlete, barber, parent, student, unemployed, etc., we believe that NO PERSON should ever have to endure their life being ruined because they chose to possess, consume, and/or cultivate a plant that is safer than many pharmaceutical drugs, foods, and common household items.

We believe in celebrating the plant. We also believe in social entrepreneurship, and that it is the duty of all members of the young cannabis industry to be good ambassadors of the cannabis plant. We believe that members of the cannabis industry should conduct themselves ethically and morally, and put compassion and justice before profit.

The creators of this website believe that spreading awareness and knowledge is vital to overcoming the Reefer Madness prohibitionist propaganda that was so widespread for so many decades, and that unfortunately, too many members of society still believe today. We believe that the focus should be on the message, not the messenger, and that by helping spread the truth, that minds will be changed and the plant, and the cannabis community, will be freed.


Johnny Green

Johnny Green is a cannabis activist from Oregon. Johnny has a bachelor’s degree in public policy, and believes that the message should always be more important than the messenger. #LegalizeIt #FreeThePlant

Managing Editors:

Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson, a longtime cannabis law reform advocate, is the director of New Approach Oregon, working to effectively implement the cannabis legalization system while protecting small business owners and the rights of patients. He sits on the Oregon Marijuana Rules Advisory Committee and fights for sensible rules at the legislature, before regulatory bodies,and at city councils and county commissions across the state.He was proud to work as Chief Petitioner and co-author of Measure 91, Oregon’s cannabis legalization effort and director of the Vote Yes on 91 PAC, the political action committees responsible for the state’s legalization campaign. He also advises cannabis entrepreneurs on how to comply with Oregon’s laws and helps organize the International Cannabis Business Conference and the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference. Anthony’s blogs on are personal in nature and don’t speak for or reflect the opinions of any group or organization. You can see his work here at WeedNews.co as well as MarijuanaPolitics.com.

Associate Editor:

Miguel aka Miggy420

I do what I can to help make a difference by using my time to spread the truth and help propagate the marijuana conversation for those who can’t, those in prison and the prison of work, since they can’t be themselves.


Amber Iris Langston

Amber Iris Langston has been an outspoken advocate for cannabis and drug policy reform for nearly 20 years. Ms. Langston is a founder and deputy director of Show-Me Cannabis, co-author of New Approach Missouri’s successful Amendment 2 medical initiative that just passed in 2018, and was the campaign manager for Columbia, Missouri’s two successful municipal cannabis initiatives in 2004. Amber has served as an outreach director and international liaison for Students for Sensible Drug Policy in Washington, DC, as field support for Americans for Safe Access in Oakland, CA, and as media liaison for California’s Proposition 19 to tax and regulate cannabis in 2010. Amber currently lives in Portland, Oregon, where she works with the medical and legal cannabis community, and continues her social justice and environmental advocacy.

Radical Russ

“Radical” Russ Belville, as he is known on-air, hosts The Russ Belville Show, a two-hour news and talk radio program for the cannabis community, weekdays at 3pm Pacific on CannabisRadio.com. With well over 2,000 shows heard by hundreds of thousands of listeners, “Radical” Russ is one of the most recognizable voices in the marijuana media. Russ is based in Portland, Oregon, and travels extensively, lecturing and presenting on marijuana law reform issues. In addition to his writing for WeedNews.co, Russ’s writing is featured in print in HIGH TIMES, Cannabis Now Magazine, and Oregon Cannabis Connection, and online on HIGHTIMES.com, Pot.TV, Alternet, Huffington Post, and many other websites.

Carl Wellstone

Cannabis activist from Oregon

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