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Besides being medicinal and recreational, cannabis wields an extraordinary power of bringing people together, this type of thing is exceptional, especially during the holidays.

Originally posted in the subreddit OldSchoolCool entitled My Uncle Caught Growing Weed In The Backyard. Circa 1970s by Redditor Meta_Man_X, the image of a free-spirited young man handcuffed behind his back and an officer holding pulled cannabis plants in one hand, and the suspect in another while looking pan faced into the camera stirred emotions of joy on the internet. I think the top comment in the OldSchoolCool post says it all “That is the face of a man that regrets nothing”.

Busted with cop holding plant
Busted with cop holding plant

The image was later followed up by the story behind the picture and the story of a family reunited through Reddit and the lightheartedness of a police officer dealing with an illegal situation. This officer knew there are real criminals out there, but he was also doing his duties which were incited by an asshole boyfriend of his sister. Here is the story from Meta_Man_X

Standing With Picture of Bust
Standing With Picture of Bust

This photo was taken in Huntington Beach, California and was taken in March-April of 1975. Supposedly his horticultural hobbies have since ended, however he does still smoke pot regularly. He lived in a tent in the backyard so that he could more easily tend to his herbs. The cops were there because my uncle got into a fist fight with his sisters boyfriend, and he called the police on my uncle because he knew that he was growing pot. Since they didn’t have a warrant for the weed they released him. When the police questioned my grandmother, in her best Edith Bunker voice she said, “I thought those were tomato plants!” He was taken to jail but he only spent a few hours there. He was never sentenced any time for this offense. In fact, the officer and my uncle became good friends after this. Unfortunately, the officer passed away from cancer about 10 years ago. I’m not sure about who took the photos, but my aunt told me there are many more photos from that night because the whole family requested to be in the pictures.

This post has connected me with a side of my family that I never knew! The daughter of the man in question (my cousin, whom I’ve never met), contacted me after I posted this picture. I can’t imagine what it’s like to see a 42 year old photo of your father randomly appear on Reddit by someone you’ve never met, but that’s what happened. Over the summer I plan on flying to California over the summer to meet my Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins because of this post. Thanks Reddit!

If anyone has any questions I’ll do my best to get them answered.

I’d like to confirm that /u/Scooterooter57 is my uncle.


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