A Chronic State of Lies: Idaho Reefer Sadness

Chronic State

I am officially dumber for watching reefer sadness propaganda The Chronic State. First, I would like to say Idaho is beautiful but your people scare the hell out of me. If you watch the reefer madness video warning Idaho citizens of what could be, many emotions will arise from the video for it is well done.

One of the first things to strike me is how homogeneous the video portrays Idaho. As if you vote for a more sensible marijuana policy all the darkies, homeless, and drug addicts will move in, this is simply not the case. The darkies and liberals are already there. How come I didn’t see any of the indigenous natives or any other hued folks in this propaganda piece?

The video starts with country scenes along with the good ole American High School Football and Cheerleading teams keeping America safe from Muslims and perversion. Next, it bleeds into Alex Jones-esque video with traumatic beeping noises of some asshole giving his kid a blunt, as if this is acceptable in any world, let alone a legalized one. After that horrific scene, it fades into my musician friend Tim-Me song Pass Me The Chronic. At first, you don’t see him performing it but of what are supposed to be scary images of cannabis use mixed in with other assholes who took pics of their baby to pretend to smoke. Finally, it fades into his performance at last years Seattle Hempfest.

The imagery from Seattle Hempfest is being to show a dangerous world of people openly consuming cannabis and kids being present, the thing is, after 27 years it has proven, it’s not dangerous. What they neglect to point out is all the non-violent cannabis users at the moments they share or the relationship between the Seattle P.D and attendees of Seattle Hempfest. Chronic State is an hour long diatribe of garbage that skews images from Seattle Hempfest, opioid crisis, homelessness, and prohibitionist from one town (Pueblo, Co.) out of the many in legal States.

Using selective footage from Seattle Hempfest emphasizes the importance of this event in a legal State. As it draws hundreds of thousands from around the country who wish to celebrate a plant, there have been no incidents of violence unlike if one would attend an Octoberfest. For each person that attends and speaks, you are the heroes of the future in a world where cannabis is legal and citizens don’t have to fear the police but embrace them.

It’s hard to watch, but it’s a must-see for every argument out there against legalization and keeping people behind bars. It’s something that will stir your heart and brain as you think of every counterpoint. One thing the video did for me, it helped me put the prohibitionist actors more in a nutshell. In almost every article and group out there, I’ve seen this trend.

Types of Prohibitionists

  1. Addiction specialist, who aren’t treating the root cause of issues
  2. Police, people behind bars equal revenue and a pot arrest is an easy arrest
  3. Parents of kids that have died, not from marijuana but some other drug or a drinking and driving scenario, again not from marijuana.
  4. Doctors you shouldn’t trust if they deny a holistic option first.
  5. Opportunist. People like Kevin Sabet who have no real job skills and make a living off fear mongering through speeches and grants.

There’s so much more to address in this video. Things like examining the background of each participant that spoke from a professional perspective or why is there a small group of people in Pueblo, Colorado adamantly against legalization but out of timelessness and personal sanity of not wanting to repeatedly watch the video like some Clockwork Orange torture, I would like to leave you with one last thought.

What Is medical?

Marijuana helps me deal with the daily bullshit of adulting, things like senseless violence and a President who claimed the last one wasn’t a citizen and denies payments to women when there’s clear documentation, let alone Russian collusion. Marijuana helps me deal with physical pain and the mental anguish of adulting. Isn’t anything that makes our day better without toxic repercussions a good thing?

Be warned, this video will upset you but its the kind of thing we need to face. When I watch this hour-long piece of shit, I did not see people trying to make America a better place. Instead, I see a bunch of people willing to put me behind bars and destroy my family. Watch it, get upset, then fight back.

Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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