A Cannabis Road Trip That Ends With Court Support (Pt.1)

United States of Canna-Us

My wife and I make the best bad decisions together, bad because the responsible thing is to save money and prepare for the future, best because life is short and we had an excellent time.

It was my wife’s idea to help support me that we go on a canna adventure and quite the experience we had. So we got a loan and decided to head for the Oregon Coast while stopping and letting me look at places of interest to me.

My activism didn’t start with festivals and marches; it began with me observing and telling the rest of the world that the zombie apocalypse hasn’t occurred due to the acceptance of cannabis consumption.

The Cannabis Corner

The City Owned Pot Shop

Our first stop was the only city-owned pot shop in beautiful North Bonneville, Washington known as The Cannabis Corner. A lovely pot shop located at the edge of town deep in the scenic country. Working here is working for the city, you are part of the utility structure.

After I bought my preroll, we headed towards the coast. Along the way, we stopped at a rest stop where my wife found Kush Tourism pamphlets amongst other state-related tours.

We ended up in Cannon Beach, Oregon. The seaside of the northwest is cold and wet but still beautiful in its rainforest way. We found a room and out of respect for the 250 dollar cleaning charge, smoked outside and enjoyed the misty night. The following day we took the 101 back to Seattle, Washington.

Goonies Never Say Die

On the way back we stopped at some shops along the 101. I picked a few because once you’ve seen a few, you’ve seen them all. I noticed that since Oregon’s medical providers were able to turnkey into recreational that the shops are still structured with double security systems at the entrance. Whereas in Washington State most shops just have a doorman as entrance security, treating the business more like a store and not something that you have to know the secret knock for.

Our first stop was not the first shop along the 101. We stopped at The Cannabis Junction which had a pretty cool logo using a train (I like trains). The selection was beautiful, and it was nice to inspect the bud a jar and not in some wasteful packaging. I bought a gram of some pretty nuggets and a preroll then we went on our way.

There are several shops in the vicinity of the Cannabis Junction but just stopped at one more which was Cannabis Nation. A small store where one has to be buzzed in, but they had a great selection, I just didn’t buy anything here. One of the main reasons I didn’t check out more shops in that area was I learned that we were going through Astoria where Goonies was filmed and I was determined to buy some Never Say Die weed.

All along the way, I was dreaming of Sloth’s Revenge Indica or Chunk’s Chocolate Chip; the possibilities were endless in my head. Not being picky, we stopped at Nature’s Choice where I exclaimed “Please tell me you have a Goonies strain!” and my budtender humbly replied “I hate the Goonies”, which is funnier than shit because I didn’t think about it from a resident’s perspective.

Unlike Forks, Washington a town that decided to rename everything Twilight in the name of tourism, Astoria is a quiet seaside town that is popping during tourist season and doesn’t need to promote a movie that was filmed there to gain attention.

I was informed that not all the locals hate Goonies, in fact, they just had a great time celebrating the anniversary of the movie but for the most part, anything Goonie would not be a hit with the locals. After getting my bubble popped, I purchased a gram of flower another preroll then off to back to Washington State.

In retrospect buying weed in Oregon and taking it home to Washington is eerily a federal crime; This was one of the things used against Lance Gloor in his trial because he sent himself some personal use edibles. I mention Lance because the following day I attended his appeals hearing in the Federal Court.

Once we crossed the border, we stopped at Mr.Doobees in the Long Beach Peninsula for gummies because Washington State allows for a higher dosage.

The gummies I found were Skusheez by Green Baker Edibles. These delicious treats come shaped like a guitar, but when flipped over they look like tiny dicks. We found this hysterical, and she found this a reprieve from my dad jokes of yelling “Goonies ever say die!” for the past 2 hours.

We safely made it home, and the next day I attended Lance Gloor’s hearing in the Ninth Circuit of the U.S Court of Appeals in support of Lance’s release of being guilty of what would now be an I-502 operation in the State of Washington.

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