61% of Oregon Voters View Cannabis Legalization as Positive


Reefer Madness prohibitionists have long used scare tactics to deceive voters about cannabis as Harry Anslinger and others appealed to the worst in people, playing upon racist and anti-immigration sentiment. Today, many prohibitionists like Kevin Sabet try to spin their policies as a “kindler, gentler” Drug War, but they still seek a policy that has racist consequence and hurts too many lives.

While Sabet and others falsely claim that legalization will severely damage society, voters across the nation are disagreeing, including those with the most experience with legalization. Voters in Colorado and Washington aren’t clamoring for a repeal of legalization and a new poll shows that 61% of Oregon voters view cannabis legalization as a positive development for the Beaver State after 56% of Oregonians voted in favor of the Measure 91 legalization effort in 2014.

From The Oregonian:

Sixty-one percent of voters think the legalization of recreational marijuana has had a positive impact on the state, while fewer than one-third see it negatively, according to polling by DHM Research, a nonpartisan opinion research firm with an office in Portland.

DHM Research paid for the poll. John Horvick, the firm’s vice president and political director, said his firm decided to conduct the poll because the topic comes up frequently in the cities and counties where the company works, and it made sense to gain “more insight about what the mood was.”


“Big picture, I think Oregonians are relatively satisfied,” Horvick said. “I don’t think a lot of minds have changed, but the general acceptance of marijuana continues apace. There hasn’t been a backlash.”

There is still much work to be done to get our cannabis laws right in Oregon, including ensuring that cannabis businesses are legal throughout the state. The DHM poll has good news on the fight to bring new jobs and revenue across the state, as 60% of Oregon voters oppose local jurisdictions banning state-regulated cannabis businesses.

Ending cannabis prohibition in Oregon has had many benefits that appeal to voters, from creating jobs to generating revenue, to better prioritizing our law enforcement resources. The more voters that view legalization positively, brings us closer to implementing true legalization across the state and eventually ensuring that all medical patients have safe access to medicine. The DHM poll demonstrates that we are on the right track with Oregon voters and are in a good position to continue improving our cannabis laws.

By showing that the sky hasn’t fallen in the Great Northwest and that voters view legalization as a positive, Oregon is helping end cannabis prohibition across the nation as voters in California, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts and Maine will be looking at the legalized states when they decide whether to legalize cannabis in their respective states this November. As more states join us in shedding the shackles of cannabis prohibition, we move closer to ending federal prohibition and closer to true equality for the cannabis community and a sensible policy for all Americans.

Anthony Johnson
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Anthony Johnson is the director of New Approach Oregon, the Political Action Committee responsible for Oregon's Measure 91 cannabis legalization campaign and co-owner of Duff Johnson Consulting. As Chief Petitioner and co-author of Measure 91, Anthony served on the state's initial Marijuana Advisory Committee and he continues to advocate for sensible policies that decrease unnecessary arrests, protect patients' safe access, and help small businesses. With Duff Johnson Consulting, Anthony helps cannabis farmers, processors, retailers, and ancillary businesses with licensing, compliance, public relations, and marketing. DJC clients include the International Cannabis Business Conference, the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference, Cannabliss, Natural Roots, and numerous medical cannabis cultivators that provide free cannabis to patients in need.Anthony co-hosts the Let's Hash It Out podcast, available here on Weed News, at www.letshashitout.blog, Sound Cloud, iTunes, and Stitcher. Anthony's blogs on Weed News are personal and don't necessarily reflect the views of any organization or company.