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Marijuana Legalization

Kentucky: Jefferson County To No Longer Prosecute Low-Level Cannabis Violations

Low-level marijuana possession violations will no longer be prosecuted in Jefferson County (population: 771,000), according to statements made by County Attorney Mike O’Connell. He cited research identifying racial disparities in marijuana possession arrests as a reason for instituting the change in policy. “For me to truly be a minister of justice, I cannot sit [read more]

Marijuana Studies

Study: Marijuana Use Associated With Fewer Complications In Patients With Ulcerative Colitis

A history of cannabis use is associated with fewer complications among patients hospitalized for ulcerative colitis (UC), according to data published in the journal Medicine. Investigators from the John Hopkins School of Public Health in Baltimore and the Digestive Disease Institute in Cleveland compared the prevalence of UC complications during hospitalization in [read more]

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Medical Marijuana

Expanded Protections For Oklahoma Cannabis Patients Take Effect

Legislation takes effect Friday expanding protections for state-qualified medical cannabis patients. House Bill 2612, which was signed into law in March, will go into effect on Friday, August 30. It strengthens patient protections by explicitly stipulating that registered cannabis consumers may not be denied public assistance, access to firearms, or certain types [read more]