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Marijuana Studies

Review: Patients Frequently Report Consuming Marijuana To Mitigate Symptoms Of Pain And Anxiety

Those who consume cannabis for therapeutic purposes typically self-report using it to reduce symptoms of pain and anxiety, according to the results of a systematic literature review in the journal Social Science & Medicine. A team of researchers from Syracuse University in New York pooled results from 15 separate studies, involving over [read more]

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Medical Marijuana

Pennsylvania Health Officials Expand Medical Cannabis Access Program

Health officials have expanded the pool of patients eligible to receive medical cannabis access. The State Health Department Secretary publicly announced on Thursday that patients diagnosed with anxiety disorders and/or Tourette syndrome will be eligible to receive recommendations to legally access medical cannabis products. The new rules take effect on July 20. [read more]

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Cannabis Activism

100 Cannabis Businesses Urge Congress To End Cannabis Prohibition

4Front Holdings, LLC (“4Front”) this morning delivered a letter to Congress signed by more than 100 of its cannabis-industry peers in support of significant federal cannabis policy reform. The letter, which can be read at, describes 4Front’s position that the federal government should end the criminalization of cannabis by removing [read more]

Marijuana Legalization

DEA Made Fewer Marijuana Seizures In 2018, But Also Made Far More Arrests

Federal agents seized fewer total marijuana plants in 2018, but made more arrests for cannabis-related offenses, according to annual data compiled by the US Drug Enforcement Administration. According to figures published in the DEA’s Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Statistical Report, the agency and its law enforcement partners confiscated an estimated 2.82 million marijuana plants nationwide [read more]


Report: Synthetic Cannabinoid Identified In CBD Product Sold Online

Analytical testing of a commercially available CBD product sold online identified the presence of the synthetic cannabinoid agonist AB-FUBINACA (aka 5F-ADB), a component typically identified in ‘Spice’ and other controlled substances sometimes marketed as ‘synthetic cannabis’ products. The findings appear in the journal Clinical Toxicology. Investigators tested the product following the emergency room admission of [read more]

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Marijuana Business

Senate Banking Committee To Hear Testimony Regarding Need For Cannabis Reforms

Members of the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs are scheduled to hear testimony next week regarding the need to provide greater access to financial services for state-licensed marijuana-related businesses. The Senate hearing, titled “Challenges for Cannabis and Banking: Outside Perspectives,” will take place on Tuesday, July 23, at [read more]