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Medical Marijuana

Connecticut: Board Of Physicians Authorizes Expanded Use Of Medical Cannabis

State regulators have moved to expand the pool of patients eligible to receive cannabis therapy. Earlier this month, members of the state’s Board of Physicians voted to allow doctors to recommend medical cannabis to patients diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, MALS syndrome (medial arcuate ligament syndrome), vulvodynia (burning irritation), interstitial cystitis, and neuropathic [read more]


How Do Cannabinoids Work

CBD Oil, Marijuana, and Cannabis, Oh My! It’s 2019, and cannabis products are shooting up everywhere. They can help reduce anxiety, stop seizures, obliterate inflammation, and a mile long list of other conditions that affect our health. Today, we are talking about the main way they do this. Introducing cannabinoids, [read more]

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Medical Marijuana

Illinois Lawmakers Advance Medical Cannabis Expansion Bill

Members of both chambers have advanced legislation, Senate Bill 2023, to expand the state’s medical cannabis access program. The measure expands the pool of patients who are eligible to participate in the state’s medical program to include those diagnosed with autism, chronic pain, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (among other debilitating conditions), facilitates relationships [read more]

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Marijuana Legalization

New Jersey Lawmakers Advance Expedited Cannabis Expungement Legislation

Members of the Senate and Assembly on Monday advanced legislation to the Governor’s desk facilitating the expungement process for those with past marijuana convictions. Senate Bill 3205 revises the state’s expungement procedures. Specifically, it expands the pool of crimes eligible for expungement and it establishes an expedited process for those with minor marijuana [read more]

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Marijuana Business

Cannabis Is Like Steroids

Remember the old ‘Hanz and Franz’ sketches from Saturday Night Live? They featured a pair of overly-muscular European brothers who constantly offered bodybuilding advice and promised to “Pump (clap) you up!” Woven into their insults and funny encouragements were veiled hints that the brothers used muscle-enhancing steroids to achieve their kissable [read more]