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4Front Increases Commitment To Staff Training

4Front Holdings, LLC (“4Front”), a diversified operator of strategically aligned cannabis-related businesses, including cultivation, production and retail operations, is pleased to announce the expansion and elevation of its training team and program. The training program is built upon battle-tested capabilities and standardized operating procedures developed over many years by 4Front [read more]

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Marijuana Business

Check Out ‘5th Quarter’ Hosted By Super Bowl Champion Marvin Washington

420MEDIA a NYC and Seattle based woman-owned digital marketing and media agency serving the legal cannabis industry, working with Emmy-nominated producers have announced the summer premiere of two original series. “Movers and Shakers” introduces audiences to innovators, artists, creators, entrepreneurs in technology, science, manufacturing and design behind cannabis, the number-one [read more]

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Medical Marijuana

Georgia Lawmakers Advance Bill To Regulate Low-THC Oil Production

House and Senate lawmakers have approved legislation, House Bill 324, to regulate the production and dispensing of low-THC oil extracts to qualified patients. Republican Gov. Brian Kemp has stated that he intends to sign the bill into law. The measure amends existing law to provide for the licensed in-state “production, manufacturing, and dispensing” of products possessing specified [read more]

Cannabis Activism

DPA Executive Director Issues Statement To Mexican Senate On Cannabis Legalization

On Monday, the Mexican Senate’s Health Commission hosted a forum featuring policy experts and government officials. DPA’s executive director, Maria McFarland Sánchez-Moreno, issued a statement to the Mexican Senate.  McFarland was scheduled to present at the forum, but was unable to do so following a flight diversion.  Her statement details the overall success [read more]