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Medical Marijuana

Survey: Three Of Four Military Veterans Would Consider Using Medical Cannabis

Seventy-five percent of military veterans say that they would consider using either “cannabis or cannabinoid products as a treatment option,” according to member survey data compiled by the group Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). The organization represents over 400,000 veterans nationwide. Under existing federal regulations, physicians affiliated with the Department [read more]

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Marijuana Legalization

Coalition Urges NY Governor To Improve Marijuana Legalization Bill To Center Racial And Economic Justice

On February 12th, members of the Start SMART NY coalition (Sensible Marijuana Access through Regulated Trade) will lay out their vision for a just marijuana industry and demand that Governor Cuomo incorporate the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act into his proposed recreational marijuana legalization plan. The Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA, [read more]

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Cannabis Culture

Washington State Legislators Need To Treat Washington State Cannabis Consumers As Adults; Legalize Homegrows

Washington State Cannabis Consumers Lose To Lackluster Politicians, Again It is no surprise to Washingon State cannabis patients and activists that there was a conspiracy to kill medical marijuana in Washington State but let me briefly gloss over our sordid history and help layout why we don’t have homegrows and [read more]

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Hemp Industry

Report: Domestic Hemp Production Grew Three-Fold In 2018

Farmers cultivated over 78,000 acres of hemp in accordance with state-specific agricultural programs, according to data compiled by the group That’s a three-fold increase over 2017 cultivation totals. Over 40 states have enacted statutes allowing for licensed hemp production, typically as part of a university-sponsored research program. Over 40 separate universities in the United [read more]

Marijuana Studies

Study: Patients Frequently Substitute Medical Marijuana In Place Of Other Controlled Substances

Canadian patients who consume medical cannabis products in compliance with federal law typically reduce or eliminate their use of alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical drugs, according to data published in the Harm Reduction Journal. A team of investigators from Canada and the United States surveyed over 2,000 federally registered medical cannabis patients with regard [read more]

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Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis Access Associated With Decreased Use Of Opioids Per Study

The enactment of medical cannabis access laws is associated with moderately lower levels of prescription opioid use, even after controlling for potentially confounding variables, according to data published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. A team of investigators from the University of Arkansas assessed prescription drug use data in a nationally representative [read more]