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Marijuana Events

Parkinson’s Foundation To Hosts Its First-Ever Medical Marijuana Conference

The Parkinson’s Foundation will host its first-ever conference focused on medical marijuana and Parkinson’s disease (PD) in Denver, CO, March 6-7, 2019. “The Parkinson’s Foundation is bringing together experts from across the globe to discuss the implications and recommendations of medical marijuana use for people with Parkinson’s,” said James Beck, PhD, chief scientific […]

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Marijuana Legalization

Connecticut Gov-Elect Reaffirms Support For Marijuana Legalization

Governor-elect Ned Lamont reaffirmed his support for regulating the adult use cannabis market in Connecticut. Lamont is one of four gubernatorial candidates to be elected in November after campaigning on a platform that included legalizing marijuana. Speaking with reporters last week, Lamont said that he would work with lawmakers in 2019 to enact legislation […]

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Marijuana Business

Tilray Announces New Subsidiary Tilray Latin America

Tilray, Inc. (NASDAQ: TLRY) (“Tilray”), a global leader in cannabis research and production, today announced that after completing an acquisition of its existing import and distribution partner Alef Biotechnology SpA (“Alef”), the company has officially relaunched as Tilray Latin America SpA (“Tilray Latin America”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tilray. Tilray […]

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Marijuana Studies

Do Legal Marijuana Dispensaries Result In Reductions In Opioid-Related Overdose Deaths?

Counties that permit the operation of medical cannabis dispensaries possess reduced rates of opioid-related mortality, according to the findings of an academic research paper published on the SSRN online network. Researchers from Claremont McKenna College in California, the University of Georgia, and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock assessed the localized […]